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7Sage Ultimate vs 7Sage Ultimate+

SeriousbirdSeriousbird Alum Member
edited April 2016 in General 1278 karma
Hi Everyone.

My access to 7Sage expires in two weeks, so I have the choice of either extending my access for Ultimate or upgrading and then extending after the next month.

My question I guess is for the Ultimate+ people. Is it very beneficial to use Ultimate+ over Ultimate? I gather that I get more explanations from JY/Jonathan and more of the PT breakdowns.

I just got through the Weaken/Strengthen lessons, drilled questions from PT 1-38 from Cambridge, and tomorrow/this weekend will be doing an intensive review of the questions I got wrong and put in my LR notebook. This is my plan for the rest of the question types before I hopefully start PTing in June.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.


  • runiggyrunruniggyrun Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    2481 karma
    Ultimate+ gives you access to JY's explanations for the most recent PT's (73-77), as well as the question bank and hard problem sets - only you can decide if that's worth the extra cost for your situation. If you think you are likely to make use of the explanations for the recent PT's, I'd say go for the Ultimate+ rather than buying the explanations individually.
  • draj0623draj0623 Alum Member
    916 karma
    I just upgraded recently and found value in working on the tougher problem sets within each category. I'm not sure if this consideration is weighted heavily for you but I definitely think I made the right call.
  • SeriousbirdSeriousbird Alum Member
    1278 karma
    Thanks ^^ this is helpful. My main issue is LR from some of the earlier PTs so for me the investment would be in those questions.
  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
    edited November 2019 12637 karma
    If you upgrade, send me an email and I'll make sure you have the extra 6 months you would've got from just purchasing outright:

    [Admin note: Months of access per course have changed]
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