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Resubmit LSAC photo?

MikeyMangoodMikeyMangood Alum Member
in General 100 karma
In a rush to get registered before the last few spots filled, I submitted a sub-par photo to LSAC, assuming I could change that photo after registration. I see no option to change it, however. I'll try calling them tomorrow when they open back up, but I was hoping maybe one of you may know.



  • Caesar16Caesar16 Member
    15 karma
    You probably are going be able to. After I registered for June I realized the same thing, and about a week later they sent out an email (presumably to everyone) with instructions how to fix photos. Essentially, if it is the same process, you have to call LSAC, speak to a rep and they have to unlock it and delete it from their side. After that was done, it was easy to submit a new photo.
  • Ron SwansonRon Swanson Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    1650 karma
    I changed my photo, can confirm that it takes a phone call to get it done
  • MikeyMangoodMikeyMangood Alum Member
    100 karma
    Perfect. Thanks!
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