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"Which of the following could be a complete and accurate" LG Questions.

aangataminaangatamin Alum Member
edited May 2014 in Logic Games 6 karma

I'm always confused about these questions. I don't understand if the question is asking you all the potential objects that can belong in the group, or the potential objects in the group in one instance.

For example (Prep Test 43, Question 18): "Which of the following could be a complete and accurate list of each of the office buildings that the falafel tuck serves?"

A. X
B. X, Z
C. X,Y,Z
D. Y,Z
E. Z

A, B, and E can be eliminated based on the fact that the stimulus provides that F must serve Y. The answer is D because the question meant "in one scenario". However, I read it as "all the potential trucks" the Falafel truck could serve. In one possibility, F serves Y,X and in another Y,Z. So potentially, F could serve all 3 leading me to answer choice C.

I'm definitely reading this question wrong. Can someone please explain to me the wording difference between when they ask for all potentials vs. in one possibility?

Thanks a lot to whomever responds.
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