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Are Pre-2007 Practice Tests Helpful to take?

emilycyoung1emilycyoung1 Free Trial Member
in General 234 karma
Have any of you found the older PT's helpful to take as in pre-2007? I have done the June 2007 and then PT's 62-70. I have the book for Pt's 52-61 then practice tests 75,76,77 and am ordering 72-74. I just wonder if its beneficial to get the older ones too or just stick with the ones I have ?


  • stepharizonastepharizona Alum Member
    3197 karma
    You want as much exposure to real tests as possible and the early tests are best for drilling, especially games and RC. Not that they arent good for LR too, but you want to learn the games on the early tests and then practice test conditions with the most modern tests.
  • mes08mes08 Alum Member
    578 karma
    Yes, yes. They're great practice. I would go through PTs mid 30s and 40s to begin. Once you've mastered the basics, move on to more recent PTs.
  • danielznelsondanielznelson Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    4181 karma
    All of them are! More specifically, the LG sections are probably the most useful, but I've found that RC has been beneficial, as I find older RC to be harder and less concise in their subject matter overall. And old LR sections will simply help you with the logic within LR sections. The questions may be slightly different, but the logic is always the same. That goes for all of the sections.
  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Inactive ⭐
    2086 karma
    @stepharizona Nailed it. Ideally, you want to take as many PTs as possible. Many of the 170+ scorers state that they exhausted all of the available PTs by the time test day rolled around.
    It's worth noting that the LSAT hasn't changed much over the years. Sure, on the surface it may look like it has (question type and game type frequency, and well as RC content). However, what the LSAT tests, the underlying logic of the test, hasn't changed much.

    My rule of thumb: Start off by taking lower-numbered PTs (36-50 for example). Then, once you are scoring within your target range +/- 3, start taking the higher numbered tests. Ideally, you want to take the more recent tests closer to your test date.
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