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Is your account expiring near/before the June LSAT?

inactiveinactive Alum Member
edited May 2016 in General 12637 karma
Hey guys! If you're taking the June LSAT and your account is inconveniently set to expire a few days before the test date, just email me ( and I'll extend your account (up to 14 days) for free through the June test.

For those of you who are expiring after, good luck on the LSAT! We here at 7Sage are rooting for you.


  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11542 karma
    ^ very seldom will you see this being said by other LSAT companies lol. Much love.
  • pbenjamin57pbenjamin57 Alum Member
    112 karma
    I must say that this is very generous and true to the spirit of community. I am so impressed with this gesture. It reinforces my choice in using 7sage's service vs another LSAT prep service. Thanks for all the motivation, and showing us that 7sage is willing to go the extra mile to help us on our journeys' towards entering the field of law.
  • LsatChicLsatChic Member
    191 karma
    Thank you such a blessing :-)
  • 82 karma
    Me! I will send you an email :)
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