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Getting worse at LR?...

jschmi25jschmi25 Alum Member
edited May 2014 in General 62 karma
Sooo I'm writing the June LSAT here in just over 3 weeks. Prep has been going well enough for my aims (164) or so. For the past few weeks I was writing LR getting 3-5 questions wrong under timed conditions. This was okay for me as my reading comp and logic games as stronger scoring anyway. But for the last 3 prep tests under timed conditions I have scored 17-19 on the logic games everytime. I've been able to stay in the 160s (barley). But that's thanks to some great scores in the other 2 sections, scores I'm not sure I can count on on test day. So now what do I do, I almost feel like I'm over thinking LR at this point and starting to psyche myself out. Not good. Any tips would be great.


  • AlenaLSATAlenaLSAT Alum Member
    182 karma
    Some PTs are more difficult then others, especially older ones. Maybe that could be the reason.
  • ccwilso4-1ccwilso4-1 Free Trial Member
    30 karma
    I am in the same boat, and scared about what I should do.
  • ONuellaOONuellaO Alum Member
    210 karma
    Oh. I thought it was just me!
    I am very much missing all these questions i should be getting! its the strangest thing. I think we’ve just studied so much...
  • miriruchertmiriruchert Alum Member
    180 karma
    It happened to me I think because I took wayyyy too many practice tests - one every other day - I had a 162 average and now am at 154 the second time (including the latest june 2007 prep test I took to kick start this 7sage experience) So, to say the least, I am very bummed….I can only explain the drop due to studying the wrong way, too much of the PTs. So, cheers to you and do not give up! You will get better (I am hoping I can convince myself of that too now that I got you covered ;-) I still have to figure out how to take 4 logic games in the time allotted. So far I am getting better but still am not able to solve all games…I need 170. Just postponed the June LSAT to take it in Sept because I knew I was not ready and don't want to settle for less than 170 score….Wish me luck….
  • jschmi25jschmi25 Alum Member
    62 karma
    Good luck haha, I can't afford to delay it now. But I have certainly improved to everyone struggling, I focused on the questions I struggled the most with (necessary assumption and parallel reasoning) and worked on making sure I was comfortable with those. Just having the confidence to attack 3/4 of the more difficult questions can be the difference between that 17 and the 21. At this point everyone writing in June should know their strengths and weaknesses, time to work on what needs work and just reinforce what you already have under timed prep test conditions. I can feel it falling into place.
  • tigerheart3tigerheart3 Alum Member
    10 karma
    You can't go at it too much. I know they say practice makes perfect but over kill is bad too guys. I noticed I was getting -0 on my LR and then I started getting -4 plus when I OD, I was studying 8 plus hrs a day and almost lost my mind. I had to take some sleeping pills and rest then I regained energy, strength, focus and wasn't exhausted and trying to get it done. Exhausted you will fail. You need to start scheduling break days from now til test day. Good luck everyone!
  • LSATluverLSATluver Alum Member
    28 karma
    Taking a two-week break was the best thing I did for my LSAT studying. It allowed everything I had drilled into my head to sink in, and enabled me to approach my studying with renewed focus.
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