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Hey guys, Alan just made this neat chart to help you figure out what GPA / LSAT score you need for your target law school.

Rule of thumb is to get above 50 percentile in both GPA and LSAT to have a realistic shot and above 75 percentile to have a good shot.


  • raytranrraytranr Alum Member
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    This is an awesome, awesome chart...
  • k the land surveryork the land surveryor Alum Member
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    Where do these data come from? I've seen the ranges higher in other places like here
  • Alan CheukAlan Cheuk Administrator
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    The data is from Law School Transparency ( Strange that the data on LSN is different...
  • k the land surveryork the land surveryor Alum Member
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    Any thoughts on which to rely more on?
  • wendelsr-1wendelsr-1 Alum Member
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    I can't find on the website explicitly where LST gets these numbers for LSAT & GPA, but in just reading briefly over their employment numbers and other research for that information, if they were done similarly, I would lean for LST. LSN states that their numbers are user supplied. I didn't look into it more than that, but I am sure somewhere deeper in their information sections they should notate where and with what methods they came to those numbers.
  • a.rikhaimia.rikhaimi Alum Member
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    Is there any type of discrepency between undergraduate majors and undergraduate university rankings. I studied mechanical engineering in a top 50 school and its a lot harder to get a 3.9 GPA than it would be for a lot of other majors (I absolutely mean no disrespect). My GPA was 3.66, and I want to know if that would hinder any chances I have of getting into the top 20, granted I achieve the required LSAT score.
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    I really like the aesthetics of everything 7sage puts out. Super classy and easy to use.

    I wonder if you could add on an admissions probability calculator to this set up. It would require some weighting of LSAT and GPA, but if you can figure that out, it would look really cool on the graph.
  • ENTJENTJ Alum Inactive ‚≠ź
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    I like that suggestion ^
  • JohnDenverJohnDenver Alum Member
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    How strictly should we adhere to this graph? I have no clue where I would fall on this graph if I did outstandingly well on the LSAT. Is GPA a good indicator on who gets selected? Who would Harvard accept, a computer science major with a 3.2 and a 176 or a psychology major with a 3.9 and a 171? Assuming rolling admission and we are down to the last spot.
  • a.rikhaimia.rikhaimi Alum Member
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    That was essentially my question just two comments up, it's really confusing, and there aren't any real credible or reliable sources of information on this matter. Can anyone provide any informed clarification?
  • thelocal711thelocal711 Free Trial Member
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    Things such as URM status (under-represented minority), your personal statement, when you apply during the app cycle and letters of recommendation are all material considerations that make predicting your chances within a certain range pretty difficult.

    There are a few "what are my chances"-predictors out there floating around but it's still all based on the same historic numbers sourced from the same data as the above sites... Try those out but it goes without saying, don't rely exclusively on these numbers. They are based on prior admissions and circumstances change from cycle to cycle. For instance the economic issue of the surplus of recent graduate lawyers to jobs available and the social issue of schools touting a more "diverse" environment these days (whatever that means) skew acceptance distributions in different ways.

    Hope that helps!

  • fortunatezrfortunatezr Alum Member
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    Most of the informations here are very helpful. Thanks!
  • jschmi25jschmi25 Alum Member
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    Does anyone have a link to this kind of information for schools in Canada? We may be up North but our admissions is essentially the same process. Thanks!
  • Jason Camp_Jason Camp_ Alum Member
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    @jschmi25 This is all i could find relating to canadian schools. It does look a little out of date but still fairly accurate. I doubt there is any predictor sites for Canadian schools.
  • jschmi25jschmi25 Alum Member
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    Thanks for your help!
  • Curtis90Curtis90 Alum Member
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    Can you guys do one for Canada too? Where's the love? :)
  • Alan CheukAlan Cheuk Administrator
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    I thought about making one for Canadian schools, but couldn't find a good source for 25th/median/75th GPA and LSAT scores for Canadian law schools.

    If you know of one, please pass it on!
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