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New to 7Sage, but not new to the LSAT.

MsStateLSATMsStateLSAT Legacy Member
edited July 2016 in General 105 karma
Hey guys, I just wanted to let y'all know my general situation and ask for advice if you have any. I'm in between my junior and senior years of undergrad at Mississippi State with an anticipated Law School start date of Fall 2017. I will be graduating with a B.A. in History this December. I started studying for the LSAT in March. I went through Mike Kim's LSAT trainer, and I have a decent grasp LR (-4 or -5 per PT, I know I can improve) but I'm really struggling with Logic Games (-12 or more per PT, mainly as a result of time), which is how I arrived at 7sage. I was registered for the June LSAT, but was forced to cancel after a death in my family the week of the test. Is the the 3 months before the September test enough time to improve to -3 or -4 on Logic Games? My target schools are Alabama (Median of 163) and scholarship at Florida (157 median, 160 75th percentile). My highest PT so far has been 159/160. My UGPA is 3.93. I'm about 13% of the way through the core curriculum.


  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly Member Sage 🍌
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    Hey, another Mississippian! I'm outside of Oxford atm, but Hattiesburg is home.

    As for your question, you can definitely bridge that gap between now and September.

    Here's what you do. Go through the curriculum. Then start foolproofing the games from PTs 1-35. You're going to need lots of copies. Revisit each game after you do it the first time. Revisit the next day, the next week, and the next month. Cycle in new games as you take PTs. Be sure to get the games from the 70s in, as there are some oddballs.

    And that'll take you a long, long way.

    Good luck, and welcome to 7Sage!
  • AlejandroAlejandro Legacy Member Inactive ⭐
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    welcome to 7sage! i would recommend to hold of on PTs for a while and finish the 7sage logic games curriculum. Then drill the entire LG bundle or however many LG sections you need to have a solid grasp of it. After that, continue PTing and BRing and drilling the parts of the test where you are weakest at (you can figure that through the analytics feature). Hope that helps!
  • SprinklesSprinkles Alum Member
    11536 karma
    @Alejandro and @"Cant Get Right" beat me to it! You'll do great between now and Sept hopefully. You seem to have things in common with a few of us already---You met your fellow Mississippian and now you've met a fellow history major haha :)
  • MsStateLSATMsStateLSAT Legacy Member
    105 karma
    Thanks so much for the advice, guys! It's great to see fellow Mississippians and History majors on 7sage! Thanks also for the encouragement. I know it'll be a long road, but I feel confident in my abilities and I'm thankful that there are others going through similar challenges.

    @"Cant Get Right" I saw your previous post about your testing center predicament. I certainly would not take the LSAT at Ole Miss on the weekend that they play Georgia. You're right in your assessment that it'll be chaos. The Grove will be packed, and I'm sure lubricated tailgaters will be using the bathrooms in the lobby of your testing center - bad idea.

    Have you considered taking it in Starkville? State is away that weekend, and most of our students will be gone. The testing center on our campus is in the basement of a dorm. Don't be scared, though, it's quiet. Let me know if that's an option.
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly Member Sage 🍌
    25612 karma
    Right on @att88 , Starkville didn't even come up when I was searching. If you can confirm they got large tables down in the basement, that will probably be a really good option.
  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Legacy Inactive ⭐
    2086 karma
    Terribly sorry for your loss. With the LSAT, it's difficult to anticipate how much progress you will make over time. That is why most of the members here will tell you not to register until you are scoring within your target range (mid 160s for you).
    That said, I have heard people mention that they went from -10 or more to -0/-1 on LG simply by fool proofing for a month to 6 weeks. So, is it possible? Yes. Can you expect to be scoring in the -0/-1 range before the 3 month mark? It's likely, but it's certainly not a given.
  • jilliebean98jilliebean98 Monthly Member
    3 karma

    I am new to 7sage too. how many practice tests a week should I be taking on top of the curriculum? I am a little confused by how this curriculum is set up? practice tests aren't scheduled in but done on your own?

  • @jilliebean98 said:
    I am new to 7sage too. how many practice tests a week should I be taking on top of the curriculum? I am a little confused by how this curriculum is set up? practice tests aren't scheduled in but done on your own?

    Hi. Somehow I am seeing your comments on posts from 6 years ago. You need to finish the core curriculum first. If you scroll down you will see that once all the lessons are completed it has practice tests for you. You may also create your own study schedule as well. It is not advised to do PTs before finishing all of the lessons.

  • CiaraUCLACiaraUCLA Monthly Member
    30 karma

    Hey! I was in the same boat as you and never thought I'd get through 3 games, let alone 4. Keep drilling and drilling. I would typically focus on one type of game at a time (basically how it is on the 7sage LG curriculum), then I started doing full LG sections. If you don't get most of the deductions on the first go, try that game again and again. After a year of studying, I have finally been able to get through all the games and I never thought I'd be there. You will get there!

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