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What to eat for breakfast and during the break the day of the test?

LSAT4234LSAT4234 Alum Member
in General 75 karma
Breakfast: Oatmeal, cereal, hard boiled egg, avocado, pancakes,...etc?
During the test: nuts, fruit,...etc?


  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma
    I think it is going to be a matter of personal preference. However, do make sure it is something you have eaten and tested before PTs so you know how it will effect you.

    The only tip I have is to not suddenly drink 2 Monster Energy drinks the morning of and eat a big breakfast consisting of a dish which you've never had in your life, lol.

    I'm planning on eating a granola bar and an ice coffee when I wake up.
    Then during break ..... I haven't decided, but probably Almonds. :)
  • draj0623draj0623 Alum Member
    916 karma
    Here is my plan as of right now that I've used for my practice tests (for the most part):

    Breakfast: Muesli and non-fat yogurt with blueberries and raspberries prepared the night before in a 16 oz plastic cup for a quick breakfast + my usual coffee intake (12 oz of an americano or coffee w/espresso). This is usually heavy enough of a breakfast to get me through the first part of the test but not so heavy that it weighs me down in any way.

    Break: Nutritious cereal bar or other energy bar to get me through the rest of the test. The bars will usually have a combination of nuts and other healthy ingredients. I plan on starting to experiment with those small Coke cans (100 calories) for the break because I do love my soda and will need a small mental pick-me-up during this break.

    My advice is to not get Oreos and Gushers or anything resembling a school child's snack that is high in sugar in case you are susceptible to crashing. I am ashamed to say I've learned this the hard way.

    Cone of Shame photo ConeOfShame.gif
  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma

    Whoa! That sounds like a good breakfast! And well planned. Never had Muesli, but I know some people who love it, so I might have to try that out...

    And, aww Well at least you learned before the real deal! :)

  • draj0623draj0623 Alum Member
    916 karma
    @"Alex Divine" said:
    Never had Muesli, but I know some people who love it, so I might have to try that out...
    Yes! I highly recommend it because it's pretty filling yet light. It seems pretty well suited for testing conditions. =)
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27830 karma
    Yeah I do coffee, eggs, avocado, oatmeal, a banana, and a small amount of some kind of meat.

    For break, I do a protein bar, banana, and 8 oz green tea.
  • Nanchito-1-1Nanchito-1-1 Alum Member
    1762 karma
    My fav breakfast is slowcooker sticky apple cinnamon old fashioned oatmeal and coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil. The slow cooker caramelizes the apples and brown sugar mmmmmmahhhh. It's what i'll eat when I take my test, whenever that happens. I had a similar breakfast the other times I took the test and it held me down all day.

    For the break a handful of pistachios (unshelled) or almonds and a banana.
  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
    12637 karma
    Super jealous of everyone mentioning Avocado... I love the stuff, but the local supermarkets here only get a certain kind that are stringy and gross. Makes me want to move back to Montreal just so I can gorge on good Avocados.
  • nantesorkestarnantesorkestar Alum Member
    431 karma
    Oats, fruit, almond milk, ezekiel bread with hummus and avocado.

  • camcam Alum Member
    349 karma
    More often than not, I have either a protein shake or a granola bar paired with a home made energy drink. I buy this stuff called Liquid Caffeine, so I mix 160mg caffeine with a dropper of B-Vitamin Complex and some Mio for flavor. My plan for the test is to have some form of that for breakfast, and then a more hearty granola bar and either a Black Tea or a Sugar Free Red Bull during the break.
  • orangebeerorangebeer Alum Member
    216 karma
    I usually drink coffee, but not sure about it on test day. If we drink it in the morning wouldn't it affect us (wanna go to the bathroom a lot etc)?
    Also how many water bottle can we bring? Someone said coke/green tea, does it count 1?
  • bjphillips5bjphillips5 Alum Member
    1137 karma
    I make sure to eat a hearty breakfast. It might be 4+ hours from Breakfast to Break time so I want to make sure I've eaten enough. And whatever snack you like! Do the same one every time during PTs and then test day because it becomes a source of comfort. :)
  • ToxoplasmosisToxoplasmosis Alum Member
    233 karma
    3 hard boiled eggs, a container of blueberrys, and a large coffee for breakfast and a pack of peanut m&ms and half a 5 hour energy during the break!
  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Yearly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27830 karma
    If you drink coffee, then for god's sake drink coffee! The most important thing is just to not throw your body any curveballs. Establish a morning routine and stick to it! I would not recommend having water during the test though. You risk distracting me with your pee pee dance, and that will really, really annoy me.
  • speedwagonspeedwagon Alum Member
    393 karma
    For my midway snack I brought half of one of those salads in a bag and turkey slices from the deli. POWER FOOD that lasts way longer than sugary/carby snacks and it easily fit inside my ziplock. Put a plastic fork inside your salad bag and you're golden.

    Breakfast I made an awesome omelet with lots of greens and protein, aka my favorite breakfast. Do what feels good for your body.
  • Creasey LSATCreasey LSAT Member
    423 karma
    Morning - Whey protein shake, 1 banana
    Break - granola bar and a handful of almonds
  • danielznelsondanielznelson Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    4181 karma
    I made Thai fried rice for test day, because it's lighter/brighter, gives me immediate and lasting energy, and plenty of protein.

    I'm definitely someone who has to earn breakfast food in the morning though, and I didn't really work through that reality when planning my meal. I think because of that and adrenaline, I felt like I was going to throw up. I had to blast Norma Jean and pace back and forth just to get in tiny bites. Took me 45 minutes to eat, haha.

    Lesson: eat a few times before whatever it is you plan to eat
  • Anna MarieAnna Marie Alum Member
    210 karma
    I do a banana in a bowl of oatmeal for the carbs/glucose and then eat a boiled egg so I can get some protein. I carry a bag of almonds with me to munch on in case I get hungry before starting the test. For break, I make a kale/avocado/boiled egg protein pot. Find out what works best for you and stick with it!
  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    edited November 2016 23929 karma
    @danielznelson said:
    I had to blast Norma Jean and pace back and forth just to get in tiny bites. Took me 45 minutes to eat, haha.
    You like Norma Jean? As in the christian metalcore band? If so, one of my favorite bands ever! I have O'God The Aftermath and BTMKTC in my car right now haha.
  • danielznelsondanielznelson Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    4181 karma
    @"Alex Divine" whaaaaat??? That's so awesome someone else actually knows of them. I mean, they're relatively popular (and one of the sole acts still making good music in the genre) but it's still so surprising to meet another fan. I didn't really get into them until Meridional and Wrongdoers is perhaps my favorite album of all time. The new one is good as well.
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