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Help needed! How to improve from high 160s to mid to high170s?!

fiji12345678fiji12345678 Member
edited June 2014 in General 108 karma
Thanks to J.Y. and 7 sage, my PT scores have improved from the low 160s to the high 160s or low 170s.

But I have not been able to make further improvements.

Advice anyone?!


  • chrijani7chrijani7 Alum Member
    827 karma
    I have no personally score in the low 170's, but thought I would chime in on your post because I know it is coming. You are going to provide much more details in order to receive adequate advice. People are likely going to ask, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what are some general issues you have (timing, careless mistakes, etc.), how many PT's have you taken.

    However, if your looking for more general advice based on your post, look around on these forums or even top law school forums. There are TONS of threads based on the exact same question or at least very similar questions. As you'll notice though is that the advice given differs based on an individuals areas of strengths and weaknesses. Example: if you are scoring -10 in RC but -4 in LR and -2 in LG then clearly RC is your issue and the advice to improve on that would be different (in some cases it may be similar) then it would be in the other areas.
  • fiji12345678fiji12345678 Member
    108 karma
    Thank you for your comments. My biggest issue is that I am all over the place with my scores for each section. I usually get 0 to max -2 in LG, but for LR and RC, my scores fluctuate so much. I was wondering if anyone had an experience of being stuck in the high 160s for awhile like me and then finally jumped to the mid 170s and what it was that caused that jump. For about 20 Preptests I have been stuck. With just 12 days away from the June LSAT in Asia, I was desperate for advice.

    I am thinking of taking the June test and cancelling the score to try again in October if I do not see any significant increase in my score in the next week or so. =(

    Thank you for replying. =)
  • raytranrraytranr Alum Member
    105 karma
    Hey - I was/am in a similar position. I started preparing this February, initially for the June test. Two weeks before the June test, I was averaging between 167 - 173. Like you, I would be 0-2 in LG, with more in LR/RC.

    I postponed my test to September and am presently scoring 174-178 during my PT's. I have SLOWED down the pace of my preparation since I have until September, and have done the following:

    - Sought the help of a tutor - the high 160s is already an "A" and to get "higher than an A" I needed additional insight that was for me specifically. I highly recommend Jonathan from the 7 sage videos. Granted, a tutor isn't the cheapest thing, but it's worth that extra jolt.

    - Spend more time reviewing my previous tests to figure out my habits. It is time consuming, but figuring out why the correct answer is correct and why incorrect answers and incorrect, and why I made the choices I made. Again, it's a pain, but the gains have been worth it.

    - ^ That has worked particularly well for LR - catching all my little habits and tendencies. After identifying my habits and tendencies, I reached out to my tutor (Jonathan), and then started practicing "types" that give me trouble to break bad habits and form new good ones. After about 2+ weeks of that, I see LR sections in a completely new light.

    - CR is a lot higher to diagnose - what I did that was most helpful was to do a few passages without time and work on my accuracy, and set increasingly restrictive time limits AFTER I hit my targets. (i.e., take as long as I need in this section and get no more than 2 incorrect - if I hit this target, I will try to finish it within 40 minutes...etc. If I don't hit the score, I take a step back/try again).

    Good luck; hope this helps!
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