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Is it possible to make an appointment with a law school admissions counselor to go over your PS?

_oshun1__oshun1_ Alum Member
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Do law schools even have admissions counselors? If not, who do you have look over your PS?
I have a few professors that are willing to look over it but they don't have any experience with law schools apps. I do know some attorneys, but they all went to the lowest ranking law schools. I'm definitely still going to have all of them give me feedback on my PS, but I would like to know how to find someone really knowledgeable to help me out.


  • stepharizonastepharizona Alum Member
    3197 karma
    If you already have your CAS (and maybe before that) you can see you you have as a "prelaw advisor" that are usually from your undergrad. They sometimes can be helpful with PS and other such things. Other times they are useless. You can always pay someone to look at your PS and there is a service (you can google) that will review your PS for free and give you feedback, but they ultimately want to bring you on as a client, so I am not sure how useful their review is.

    A few other admissions folks will also give you a free consultation to talk about topics. I started that way with Derek Meeker with Spivey and he was really helpful.

    This course that 7Sage is great and just remember the biggest tip about your personal statement, is to make sure it is about YOU!! Sounds silly, but its crazy how many personal statements really aren't about the person who wrote it.
  • CoffeecoffeecoffCoffeecoffeecoff Alum Member
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    Just call the admissions office and ask. I called to ask a couple questions and ended up just scheduling an appointment to come in. I met with an admissions specialist for the school I'm applying to just last week to go over my addendum. I ended up sitting and talking with her for a hour and then she gave me a tour of the whole school. It was a really great experience and it definitely eased a little bit of my anxiety about my application. I had a professor look over my personal statement and a couple of trusted friends. I also took it to my school's writing lab. If your alma mater has a law school, maybe someone in admissions would be willing to look over it if the school your applying to isn't.
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