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Tips for nutrition, exercise, sleep, focus, etc. for LSAT studying??

cm214998cm214998 Alum Member
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Hey everyone! I've been curious as to how people go about approaching their health, nutrition and time management while preparing for their exam. Obviously, the test is very difficult to master and is very demanding cognitively and, at times, physically, especially for those who are also still in school or work full/part time jobs.

Any tips on dieting/nutrition? (What kinds of foods are you eating to stay focused and improve mental cognition, how much water a day) Exercise? (More cardio as opposed to weightlifting, how many times a week, etc.) How much sleep every night, on average? Also, how do you break up your studying routines? (First thing in the morning, at night, large chunks of time vs. small amounts throughout the day). And while studying, tips to remain focused? (Study snacks, turning off phone, etc.).

I'm interested in what people suggest. Thanks for your help!


  • Tinyosi1Tinyosi1 Alum Member
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    Nutrition: Nothing too specific; I don't eat many times a day so I don't overeat. Try to get a good amount of protein and a decent amount of fat.

    Exercise: Before this semester I would run 3 times a week and lift 3 times a week. I currently feel like I have way too much work to do this. I still run 3 times a week and want to start doing body weight stuff at home.

    Sleep: Ideally ~7 hours, but between school, LSAT prep, work, my girlfriend and wanting some free time this doesn't always happen.

    As for specific study times, if I have the day off I study usually early in the morning and mid-afternoon. I get up, chill, study, run/eat, study/homework and do misc. stuff.

    Definitely keep your phone off during drills/timed sections. If anything significantly distracts you make it unavailable to yourself.
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    Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep are three key aspects when studying for the LSATs (well they certainly are for me). Everyone can tell you the benefits of eating right, getting the right amount of sleep, and exercising, but I feel that a bigger impact of these three things is the confidence it gives you. I was always active but when I started to study for the LSATs I stayed disciplined to the amount of sleep I got (7 hours minimum) and exercising a few times a week, while trying to eat proper meals, and from a first hand perspective, I can tell you that it has paid dividends. I have a high level of energy and focus while studying and I retain most of the information that I am studying.

    That said I suggest that you just create a schedule for yourself, nothing to fancy. Just map out maybe 3-4 days a week when you will go to the gym or for a jog or maybe for just a stroll in the park. If possible I would stay away from alcohol and fast food (even though they are tempting!) Buy fruits to munch on if you get hungry and like they say always have a good breakfast! I understand that with multiple responsibilities everything may seem to add up but if you map everything out you will realize that it is not that much to take on.

    When it comes to distractions you just have to stay on top of the things that you know will take your attention away from your studying. Social Media while studying is a big nono (I actually deactivated my accounts for the time being).

    Finally, I would suggest that you just reward yourself periodically. Don't go to hard on yourself all the time. Treat yourself to an hour or two of netflix, go out for ice cream, or go to the mall with your friends. Getting your mind off of Reading Comp. and Logic Games here and there can be a big boost!

    I hope this helped :)

  • cm214998cm214998 Alum Member
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    Thanks for your help! I'll add a few to my routine!
  • danielznelsondanielznelson Alum Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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    This is a bit off topic but definitely get used to whatever it is you decide to eat on the morning of the real test. I tried eating something I had never eaten for breakfast before, and combined with my adrenaline, it was all but impossible eating my breakfast. I had to pace back and forth while blasting Norma Jean to get me to a workable state, haha.

    Another crucial component of staying healthy for the LSAT, especially should you be in this for the long haul, is staying social. I didn't want to admit this myself, since I'd generally rather do my own thing, but you absolutely need communication with fellow studiers to keep you from obsessing over your progress or lack thereof.
  • jennilynn89jennilynn89 Alum Member
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    I definitely think that eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep is pretty crucial to keep yourself mentally and physically fit, but I think above all it is most important to stay mentally sane and healthy/happy. If you're an extrovert (like myself) this includes socializing (like @danielznelson mentioned). I'm shooting for the December LSAT and this works best for me:
    I work full-time 8-5 so time management is crucial for me.

    - Mon, Weds, and Friday I get up around 530 or 6 am to study an hour before work. I usually just do drills in the morning. Timed and untimed.
    - Mon, Tues, Weds, and Thurs I study for 2-3 hours after work (BR and drills). Sometimes more.
    - Sat I get up early and take a full PT under proctored conditions (like I would on test day) take 2-3 hours off to relax, then BR for another 2-3 hours
    - Sun depending on how much BR I got done on Saturday, I either finish BRing and then drill, and/or take another PT under proctored conditions.

    - Tues and Thurs morning I get up around 530 and do an hour long spinning class
    - Weekends: I usually try to go hiking for a couple hours on Sundays. (Sometimes Saturdays)

    My boyfriend and I meal-prep every Sunday. We go grocery shopping after I get done studying and buy everything we need for the entire upcoming week, cook it, and store it in meal-prep containers. Then we buy healthy snacks in addition, and usually indulge in something completely unhealthy either Friday and/or Sunday evenings. (Treat yo' self!)
    That way I don't have to worry about cooking and/or spending an unnecessary money on food during the week. This has really helped me a LOT.

    Sleep: I personally don't need much sleep, so sometimes I'm fine on just 6 hours or less, and sometimes I need 8 hours. I try to stay consistent with around 7 hours of sleep.

    Relaxation/leisure time:
    - I take Friday evening's off to hang out with my boyfriend and/or friends and go out for dinner or something fun.
    - I also take Saturday and Sunday evening's off, since I study during the day on those days and utilize that time to relax and/or socialize.

    I'd like to add that I also regularly meditate and/or do Yoga sporadically throughout the week. This helps me concentrate, relax, and check-in with myself mentally to make sure I'm doing ok. I usually meditate 3-5 minutes before I take a PT, or before drills, if necessary.

    Hope this helps! :)
  • cm214998cm214998 Alum Member
    190 karma
    @jennilynn89 Wow this is great! Thank you for your routine! Meal prepping is excellent, I should definitely get back into the habit of that. I usually get around 7 hrs of sleep every night, but I'm a naturally tired person - I get tired very easily and stress wears me down easily. I also get up at 5:30 to get 2 hrs in first thing in the morning, but by 2 or 3 I crash hard lol. Maybe it's due to lack of exercise, or not enough cardio (weightlifting is my primary form of exercise). Meditation is great too!
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