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Can people actually maintain full time studying schedule for LSAT for a year?

AliceZ6v6AliceZ6v6 Alum Member
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...without burn out?
If so, how??


  • SamiSami Live Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    I think its possible. Although, I work part time so I only get 4 full days out of 7 to study, I do study every day after work and I have been doing this since May. But I am sure, If you ever get to a point of burn out, you can just take a break.
  • desire2learndesire2learn Member
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    The key is to keep motivation high and take care of yourself. Breaks here and there are appropriate as long as they are not the rule rather than the exception. Eat well. Sleep well. Exercise well. Make social connections. Do some selfless service for other. Just mix in appropriate amounts of wellness activities that benefit your life and it will help you stay motivated.
  • AlexAlex Alum Member
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    100% possible! Almost all of the scorers on here who hit 170+ studied for around a year or more!

    I think @desire2learn is so right! Social connections like this forum and taking care of yourself are big components to prepping for a year!

    I also think that one has to be self-motivated and begin to somewhat enjoy it. Now you don't have to love it, trust me, I certainly don't, but there is some part of me that sees this like a game/challenge I must beat in order to succeed.

    Another thing is to celebrate the small victories. Some days I might just be happy I finished a LG game under JY's time or did better than usual on a RC section. Helps to stay motivated!

  • MrSamIamMrSamIam Inactive ⭐
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    @"Alex Divine" Solid advice. Many of us here studied/have been studying for a year or more. The majority of said individuals scored in the 168+ range. The trick to not burning out is timing your breaks properly. Don't ever say, "If I take a week off, I'll forget most of what I learned." You won't. If you're getting tired of the LSAT, exhausted, losing motivation, etc. step away, do something else for a few days to a week or two, then come back. You'll feel refreshed, and ready to get back to studying.
  • blah170blahblah170blah Alum Inactive ⭐
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    Been studying off an on for... 2.5 years now. I was not studying every day for 5 days a week for 2.5 years. While not ideal, I wasn't in a position to be able to study intensely for 3-6 months due to personal reasons. Instead, I had bouts of intense studying, followed by month long periods of rest, followed by more bouts of intense studying. Had I started with the mentality of taking breaks when I needed to and taking care of my other needs, I think I could have kept my time frame to about a year. I really want to echo what @MrSamIam said and take breaks for yourself when you need to, especially as you get close to the end - confidence/mindset is so huge for this test.
  • AliceZ6v6AliceZ6v6 Alum Member
    edited October 2016 92 karma
    Thank you guys! :)
    Seems like taking rest when needed is very important if you want to study for a long span for LSAT.
    Some of my friends said 3 months is enough etc etc, but it does not sound like so for LSAT...
    (They took GRE/GMAT btw)
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