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Will doing more RC passages help to increase scores?

Tina ChoTina Cho Free Trial Member
in General 442 karma

So I was drilling RC passages, but I do not see much improvement which is really frustrating...
I thought I want to try different methods and I did find lines for each questions, tried to understand what all sentences mean, what makes wrong answers wrong but...unlike LR, would those not be helpful in improving at the section?
Doing more passages is not helpful?


  • notguilty90notguilty90 Free Trial Member
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    Hi Tina

    I was personally stuck on Cracking the RC code for a while. I used all sorts of methods; mostly concerned with coding different things (boxes, circles, etc.). However, recently I started treating passages as interesting articles and stopped underlining, and rather just took a second after each paragraph to analyze what I just read. I started to see that I comprehended better since I did not stop every 2 second to underline or stress over missing things! So I would read the whole thing with a faster than average speed, once I'm done, I would go over it quickly to recap the structure (this usually takes 3.5-4 mins) and then I attack the question. Something I was missing most of the time was speed speed speed! You have to hustle your way through questions... time yourself and aim for 30-40" per long ones, 20-30" for medium ones, and 15-25" for shorter ones. Once you get a sense of appropriate speed but the timer away and relax and do your best. My time is still not within these standards, but now I finish passages in the 8-9 minute mark and get to do all 4 passages with around -1 to -2 on each (total 18-22). This has been huge for me; I used to do 2-3 passages only with very bad accuracy ending up with 9/27 on the section.

    I feel like RC has been made portrayed as this beast for all of us and we spend so much time trying to CRACK IT! But it's really not that bad and a minimalist method have worked better than other methods for me.

    Good luck :)
  • Tina ChoTina Cho Free Trial Member
    442 karma
    Hey @notguilty90
    so just doing more passages won't help right? Unless I change "method" again...
    At first I was doing bad on detail questions but once I started to focus on detail questions then I started to make more mistakes on big picture question...really frustrating...(At first I was doing ok with big picture questions
  • AlejandroAlejandro Member Inactive ⭐
    edited November 2016 2424 karma
    The only way to increase your score is to do more passages. Drill. focus on what 7sage tells you to do. Understand the passage paragraph by paragraph on a general level. Let the main points lead the way, etc. Think about how the paragraph you just read plays into the argument structure of the passage (link it back) and try to predict what the following paragraph is going to talk about (link forward). Do this ALL THE TIME. Practice makes perfect my friend!
  • Tina ChoTina Cho Free Trial Member
    442 karma
    Hey @Alejandro,

    Thanks for your reply and thanks for the webnair the other day :)
    I still remember your recommendation "not afraid making a couple of mistakes per passage"...
    Indeed especially in hard passages there are some questions that are just brutal...(how are we supposed to make some inferences they ask under timed pressure situation.) and your recommendation made me feel more relaxed on RC.
    But still need to practice though...not seeing improvement is just discouraging :(
    I'll do some more passages...
  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma
    @Alejandro said:
    The only way to increase your score is to do more passages. Drill. focus on what 7sage tells you to do. Understand the passage paragraph by paragraph on a general level. Let the main points lead the way, etc. Think about how the paragraph you just read plays into the argument structure of the passage (link it back) and try to predict what the following paragraph is going to talk about (link forward). Do this ALL THE TIME. Practice makes perfect my friend!
    I think Alejandro said it best :)
  • Not Ralph NaderNot Ralph Nader Alum Member Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    2098 karma
    @"Tina Cho" I increased my score by learning to read for structure. I do not think doing more passages only can improve your score if you are making the same mistake over and over again. I suggest watching J.Y. explanations after BRing each passage that you do as well as going through LSAT Trainer RC lessons especially those that talk about how to read for structure; after that filming yourself while doing the section can be useful if you are scoring very high.
  • hannah526hannah526 Member
    edited November 2016 89 karma
    @notguilty90 --Your experience with RC is the same as mine! I HATED underlining and circling stuff.. It was way too complicated and distracting. I am glad to see how you fixed it though-- I think I will incorporate the 2 second re-read after each paragraph too! Good idea..
  • nicole08nicole08 Member
    55 karma
    Hi! So for me, I originally started out with Kaplan, took the June test and did not do so well. Did this happen to anyone else? Anywho, I got the 7sage course which was the best thing to happen to me lol along with the powerscore bibles and the lsat trainer. I sort of combined multiple strategies. First of all, read for pure structure. For me, it helps to underline important points or circle keywords such as first, second etc. I also suggest doing a lot of timing sections in RC or even one passage/question set at a time just to get used to doing so much that it becomes second nature. I used to be awful at RC-literally only 14 right per section. I am now getting around 20-22. Granted, I do not score in the top percentiles, but that is a great improvement regardless. Happy studying :)
  • Tina ChoTina Cho Free Trial Member
    442 karma
    Thanks everyone,
    How many passages did you do?
    I too miss like -9 to -14...still.
    So disappointing...I tried to read structure first, but then I forget details. When I started to focus on details then I miss the big picture.
    Don't know what to do...
  • nicole08nicole08 Member
    55 karma
    @"Tina Cho" I'm sorry it took me a bit to respond, I'm super sick. Hmm, I have been studying full time (about 2/3 full prep tests a week) and studying between 2-8 hours a day (less since I have been back in school) lol since May. I began flipping through books starting last January but my rigorous schedule as well as using 7sage since July. I also did so so many timing sections. That definitely helps. For some reason, logical reasoning is not coming easy to me. I have friends who only studied 2 months and were fine, but I just don't roll that way. Stay positive! I do really well on briefs and such in my classes right now so I know I will do well in law school but these beginning stages are awful. How long have you been studying? How many preptests are you/have you been taking? Also, have you taken the test yet?
    Please don't doubt yourself. You just need to keep practicing. Eventually it will click. It just started clicking in RC for me within the last few weeks. I would say I've done anywhere between 50-100 passages. It's just about making it so so normal you rethink how to read. It is about picking apart the important details and almost forgetting about meaningless details unless a question asks. At the end of each paragraph I kind of look to see the main point to correlate to the next paragraph if that makes sense? Sorry again if this makes no sense because like I said I;m super sick and my brain is being silly lol.
  • Tina ChoTina Cho Free Trial Member
    442 karma
    Ahh..thanks for your reply. How do you feel today? hoep you'll get better soon!
    I took about 16 PTs...and have studied for a long time in&out.
    But have not seen a big improvement in especially RC so really frustrating...but I feel like RC is not easy to improve so maybe I should focus on LR :(
  • nicole08nicole08 Member
    55 karma
    @"Tina Cho" I am finally feeling more like myself. Thank you so much for asking! Definitely needed since I am taking the test two weeks from today (ahhhhh). Anyway, yes, I would definitely say take as many prep tests as you can over time. I would say definitely make sure to review the prep tests in full by watching J.Y.'s video explanations. That definitely helps so you do not make further mistakes in future tests you take. It definitely helps to have a routine and schedule for test taking and studying as well. Based on my classes in school and such, I try to study everyday for at least two hours and then take full tests every Wednesday and Saturday. I will also do timing sections in between. Also, I have trouble with specific question types in LR (certain assumptions, strengthen and weaken) so over the tests I have noticed this pattern and am trying to drill in those specific areas more. I hope this helps! Keep your head up; we'll all get there one way or another :)
  • DEC_LSATDEC_LSAT Alum Member
    760 karma
    @notguilty90 hey that was a really helpful tip. i'll try it! Thanks for sharing your success story. i am usually getting to 3 passages and i have to guess on the final one, which is terrible but a reality at this point.
  • notguilty90notguilty90 Free Trial Member
    edited November 2016 56 karma
    @DEC_LSAT The tip is Easier said than done! I'm personally struggling too with timing and the clock is ticking... 2 weeks to perfect RC :S
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