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Thank you 7 sage! (13 point increase)

Dark Knight VDark Knight V Member
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I just want to say a huge thanks to JY, Dillon, and everyone in the 7Sage community and share my story.

When I started studying for the LSAT at the end of June, I'd been out of school for six years and just a couple of weeks out of the end of a serious relationship. The entire prospect of applying for law school (and studying for the LSAT) was really daunting and intimidating.

I signed up for the Ultimate course with the intention of studying pretty much full time (ended up doing some odd jobs for a couple of months and doing some stuff on the side when I wasn't studying) to take the exam in September. As September approached I wasn't where I wanted to be, and after consulting with folks on these forums, decided to wait until December. I did a total of 16 timed PTs with BR (not including my diagnostic, which was a 157). By test day my average was a 164, with a high score of 170 (only once). I also watched many of the webinars.

I took a PT the Monday before test day and scored a 160 (one of my lowest). I took the rest of the week off, kind of resigned to not being able to reach my goal of 170, but did the best I could to get myself in a good head space before Test Day.

On test day things felt really good - better than any of the PTs I'd taken over the previous months. I was just in a great place mentally and came away feeling good about the whole thing.

Tonight I got my score back and scored a 170! I'm so happy and relieved to be done with this test.

For anyone who is intimidated at any point in this process, don't give in or let your discouragement last long - you can do it! Work your way through the curriculum, take your PTs under timed conditions, BR honestly so you're learning from each take, fool proof the games to the best of your ability, and turn to this community frequently as you assess what's working for you and what isn't. If there's anything I can do to help others down this path, don't hesitate to ask!

I also want to especially thank @Cant_Get_Right, @montaha.rizeq and @Alex_Divine for being so active and positive on these message boards while I was going through this.


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