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Study Abroad GPA Calculation?

Bob LoblawBob Loblaw Member
in General 108 karma

My study abroad grades would hurt my current cumulative GPA if taken into account by LSAC... and I'm already a splitter to begin with so I can't afford any hits to my GPA.

My school notes my abroad courses and grades on the transcript (with an "S" for satisfactory and my actual grades in parentheses), but does not calculate it for the cumulative undergrad GPA.

When I send my transcript to LSAC, will my abroad grades be taken into account for cumulative? If so, is that a hard rule or are there exceptions?


  • SerenityFalconSerenityFalcon Alum Member
    86 karma

    I had the same concern... Here is what happened in my case.
    I stressed and stressed about this, and I'll just say: DON'T STRESS. IT'S NOT WORTH IT.

    My Study Abroad semester was completely in my second language, and I got all B's, that my college did not include in my 3.75 gpa. I felt lucky when LSAC did NOT include those grades in my LSAC GPA calculation... Then I read the LSAC guidelines more thoroughly and came to the belief that I needed to get an "official transcript" of that semester from the study abroad agency that sponsored it (not my college). I spent some time and money and got that sent in to LSAC, thinking I'd be penalized for lacking a transcript without it. Then I get a notice that since it's less than a full academic year, they won't calculate it into my LSAC GPA after all!

    Whew! All that stress for no good reason. Don't worry about it.

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