THANKS, JY, 7Sage + Everyone!

Thanks, 7sage! I was recently admitted to a T-14 with a full ride plus stipend after I improved from my diagnostic of 155 to a 174 after a full year of studying. That literally makes 7Sage the best investment I have ever made!!

I have been out of undergrad for five years now working in elementary school. I currently serve as an instructional coach, which basically means I teach teachers to teach. I strongly endorse JY and 7sage's course of study for the LSAT. First, let me say that JY is hilarious--I literally would cry laughing during his video explanations sometimes. Humor is not sufficient or necessary for quality teaching, but quality teaching is always necessarily enhanced with comedy. Second, JY breaks the logic, grammar, and arguments into their essential component parts--allowing students to master the underlying concepts. Each concept is scaffolded on to the next concept so you can easily build an amazing, LSAT-destroying brain machine. Often, JY breaks difficult questions or logic ideas into visual schematics to help students process the information. When you are an LSAT beginner, this is a life-saver. Third, because the videos and work are online you can work through it at your own pace. Don't understand something? Slow down the video and watch it again. Need to review causation? Loop back to that in the core curriculum. Also, the ability to slow down and speed up videos is a life-saver, helping your breeze through question and games review videos to find the information most pertinent to your misunderstandings. Fourth, 7Sage keeps data for you after taking your PrepTests, allowing you to target the most high leverage concepts with a razor sharp scalpel. Further, this data allows you as a learner to become the driver of your own learning. Fifth, the fool-proofing and blind-review methods allow you to improve on your own mistakes through reflection--the hallmark of good learning. Not only that, they allow you to practice a sufficient amount with the concepts that are actually difficult for you so that you improve in skill. Sixth, the sorting of questions, games, and passages with tags allows you to find the relevant practice types you need and to address them easily. Seventh, this program opens up access to all learners who have internal motivation. When doing 7Sage, I sometimes get scared that it is going to make the tests harder over time as more and more people learn how to do destroy this test. Also, let's be honest, 7Sage is hella cheap. Comparable in person services--even the low quality ones--are way more expensive. As a side-note, the fact that the logic game videos are free is the best marketing tactic ever. I always smiled to myself when JY deftly placed an ad for the core curriculum into each one of the logic games videos ("if you don't know this (insert concept X), you really should review it in our core curriculum lessons"). Eighth, 7Sage is flexible. Not only has 7sage worked well with my schedule allowing me to spend heavy hours when I had them available and to skimp when my workload was extra heavy. Ninth, 7sage mimics the social environment of a live classroom with its awesome community. We know that learning is enhanced through social interactions, and the community here--the webinar videos, the discussion forums, the message boards after each lesson--do just that. Honestly, I should have been better at utilizing the community as a resource, but just being able to look up different user's responses to questions and seeing their writing helped me grow myself. Without the webinars and videos of JY/others taking their tests, I would not have learned efficient timing and skipping strategies for pushing myself into the 170s. The whole idea of "rounds" for LR was foreign to me. I used to just try and finish questions 25/26 exactly at the end of 35 minutes (can't believe I ever did this).

All in all, I appreciate everything and will be posting this on the reviews so other people can find this god-send course.


  • LSATcantwinLSATcantwin Alum Member Sage
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    Congrats! This is great news. Just remember - you put the work in!! :D

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
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    Wow, so fantastic and so exciting!! Congratulations on that massive scholarship!! That's an inspiration. I started with the same diagnostic but have been stuck in the 168/169 range so it's particularly cool to see where you ended up. 7sage is awesome. Love this program and the community here.

    Best of luck to you for the fall!

  • Freddy_DFreddy_D Core Member
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    Awesome story! Congratulations!

  • goingfor99thgoingfor99th Free Trial Member
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    That's a huge score increase! Congratulations on your success. :]

  • annewr253annewr253 Alum Member
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    This is so awesome! Congratulations!!!!

  • Eric25Eric25 Member
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    Thanks for sharing and congrats on the amazing score!!

  • TenacityTenacity Free Trial Member
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    just wondering how many hours a week were you putting together? great score btw.

  • acsimonacsimon Alum Member
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    Awesome!!! That’s a really great improvement; your hard work paying off. Good luck!—A.c.S

  • PositivePositive Alum Member
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    Congrats @learningphile That's amazing score and you earned it!!!

    Did you take the Dec. exam? When did you submit your application? (and completed?)

  • akistotleakistotle Member 🍌🍌
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    Congratulations, @learningphile !

    Can you leave this comment on this page (7Sage LSAT Course Reviews)?: ;)

  • learningphilelearningphile Member
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    Thanks everyone.
    @Tenacity I studied about four hours everyday and took two PTs a week after the cc was finished.

    @"Kings Never Die" yes I took December. Submitted my application before New year's. Complete on 1/4.

    @akistotle I already did!

  • Radhika.Radhika. Member
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    wow!! very impressive. Congratulations!

  • westcoastbestcoastwestcoastbestcoast Alum Member
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    Great story and great improvement!!

  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
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    @learningphile Holy smokes congratulations! That's incredible.

    Also, this is a very flattering review of 7Sage, thank you very much! For those of you who don't understand why this is a flattering review of 7Sage, you should definitely check out our Core Curriculum.

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