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How long should core curriculum take?

jpetersyvrjpetersyvr Alum Member
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I'm planning to write the June exam, with September / December exam dates available to me should I need to improve. So far, I've used the core curriculum study schedule planner to guide me through the core curriculum until one week from my June test date - is this enough? From reading through others' posts, it looks as though I should be PTing quite a bit after the core curriculum has wrapped up - I've been fool-proofing the logic games as I go. Thanks!


  • _oshun1__oshun1_ Alum Member
    edited March 2018 3652 karma

    I think 3 months to finish the CC is possible if you study like it’s a full time job. I think 4-5 months to finish the CC is most realistic, taking other priorities into consideration like work/school/emotional well-being. You need time after the CC to take prep tests. One week isn’t enough time to take prep tests.

  • jpetersyvrjpetersyvr Alum Member
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    Thanks for your comment! I have about 30 hours a week to dedicate to study

  • Eric25Eric25 Member
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    For reference it took me around 3 months to complete it and I was doing around 15-20hrs a week

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    Did you take the lessons in order like the way JY recorded it? i.e. from LR -->LG -->RC? Is it helpful to start with LG? Based on my diagnostic, this was my lowest section/area I can improve the most.

  • Daniel KDaniel K Core Member
    47 karma

    It really just depends on how much time you personally want to spend on it. For me, I didn't want to overwhelm myself with the content. I am going to be finishing up the CC content in the next week or so, and I started back in February. I recently have been studying more due to the pandemic, but I went my own speed based on how much information I could retain and remember. Some lessons I spent a lot of time on to really understand it as well as possible, and I know I will go back to some lessons once I start PTing.

    TL;DR - It's up to you.

  • joshmcneillwebbjoshmcneillwebb Alum Member
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    I finished the core curriculum in a month, but I was spending forty hours a week on it and I did not watch any of the RC videos as I was already doing well in that section prior to 7sage. In hindsight I wish I had taken more time with it because, like JY says sometimes, it just takes time for a lot of this stuff to sink in, but due to the time constraints I was under I still got it done and my score went up 13 points from my diagnostic to my official score in January 2020.

    Best of luck!

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