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School Choice

LSReady2021LSReady2021 Free Trial Member

I know school choice should always be based on the individual person's preferences but I just want to hear some other people's perspectives and if possible, any insight on how to choose a school. I've gotten accepted to Catholic U, American U, and Suffolk. Still waiting on Temple U., Chicago-Kent, Syracuse, Albany, and SUNY (Buffalo). And I'm visiting Suffolk next week.


  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Alum Member 🍌🍌
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    The first question you are probably going to get is: what are your career goals and what was your LSAT score?
    The first question will allow people to choose what they view as thew best school given your goals and the second question will help determine if a retake would be the best advice.


  • Eric25Eric25 Member
    edited March 2018 720 karma

    After the first question that @BinghamtonDave mentioned, it is a variety of factors of varying importance for everyone, which include: Cost of attendance, scholarship opportunities, Bar passage rates, employment rates (for JD required preferably), location, prestige, etc. They're many factors to consider but the first one is always: What do you want to do as a lawyer? Big Law? Small town Law? Public vs Private? Suny Buffalo might be fine for someone who wants to stay in Buffalo, but a good friend of mine went there and said even some of the top people in the class had a hard time finding a job after graduation.

    Personally, my top choice is Duke. My fiance and I have always wanted to live in NC, they have an incredible program with high prestige, employment and opportunities, a great IP program, and it's right next to Research Triangle Park which is perfect for my STEM background. It was a no brainer to pick Duke as my top choice, and it was a combination of all of the above factors!

  • lTexlawzlTexlawz Free Trial Member
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    I would choose University of Texas at Austin. They have a good trial advocacy program. It is my home state of Texas. They have a good bar passage rate. A good place to get clerkship as an intern. My reasons are many. I hope to be a solo practitioner with the shingle on the lawn and Esq at the end of my last name.

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