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Retake, Reapply or Attend a school I don't like?

Hello Everyone,
I got a 150 LSAT Dec 2017 and a 148 LSAT June 2017. I decided to bite the bullet and apply this cycle. I submitted my applications probably a few days before the deadlines (red flag one). I thought my URM, 3.4 GPA for a top public university, 4 years of WE would help. So far, I got WL at my dream school (a top 10), accepted to a few tier two schools, and one top 100 law school (denied elsewhere, even one school I was sure I would get accepted to).

I attended the top 100 school for admitted students day and did not like it. I did not like the area, I did not like the school environment, and intuitively I felt like it was not the "one" for me.

I am truly heartbroken. I KNOW I can do so much better on the LSAT (BR was 164. Logic games is my worst section) but I want to go to law school already. However, I do not see myself at the school I did not like. If I retake and reapply, I will quit my job, study full time (something I didn't do), and apply as soon as applications open. I just dread studying AGAIN, how I will economically support myself, and waiting ANOTHER year.

Someone please help. Should I ride out the WL at the top 10 (I plan on doing that) or completely scrap everything and reapply this fall?


  • Seeking PerfectionSeeking Perfection Alum Member
    edited April 2018 4423 karma

    I'd definitely turn down the offer you don't want and ride out the waitlist. The fact that you got on it with those numbers says good things about the rest of your app. However, barring a great LSAT it is going to be hard to make up for that GPA and get a better option than a Top 10 so I would go if you get accepted.

    I'm not sure about studying full time. It seems like you have a lot of room to improve and might need a lot of time to get a major improvement. If so, you probably need the income. What I would do is cut living costs as much as you can keep working and studying and then when you have enough saved up study full time if you want.

    If logic games is your worst section you have to foolproof Pts 1-35. Good luck!

  • AllezAllez21AllezAllez21 Legacy Member Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
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    You don't necessarily have to quit your job. The September LSAT is a good 5 months away. December is a possibility.

    Not sure what your financial aid package was from the T100 school, but 1 year more away from law school is probably worth getting into a better school (in terms of fit and outcomes) and/or with possibly less debt.

  • Seeking PerfectionSeeking Perfection Alum Member
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    That waitlist seems like a really strong option. What if you studied really aggressively for the June or July LSAT to try to get off the waitlist.

  • westcoastbestcoastwestcoastbestcoast Alum Member
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    Retake and reapply is nor brainer. Even for good schools that have good outcomes, fit matters alot because you want and need to be able to do your best work

  • Return On InferenceReturn On Inference Alum Member
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    Personally I would retake and apply next cycle, and I don't think you need to quit your job.

    Depending on your lg, you could improve to 160+ just from locking down that section.

    If I were you I'd register for september and just focus on LG.

  • FixedDiceFixedDice Legacy Member
    1804 karma

    Ride out the waitlist while studying for the LSAT. I personally see no reason as to why one should attend an institution he or she doesn't like, especially with a five- or six-figure loan looming.

    Getting waitlisted at a T10 with 3.4 and 150 with a late application is no minor feat. That says something about your potential.

  • testfromawaytestfromaway Alum Member
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    Retake, hope for that waitlist to work out, and reapply if it doesn't.

    If LG is where your score is dragging, that is learnable. So learn it, and go kick some butt.

  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Alum Member
    edited April 2018 5244 karma

    I'm seconding the comments above. I'd vote for staying on the WL and taking steps towards reapplying next cycle. It's not worth the sacrifices to attend a school you don't feel is the right one for you. Meanwhile you may want to consider volunteer work.

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
    2689 karma

    Study, retake, and if necessary, wait a cycle and really hit the books. That scholarship money and those open doors are worth it. That's my fallback plan if June doesn't go well for me.

  • catgonzalez1974catgonzalez1974 Legacy Member
    193 karma

    Have you tried playing Puzzle Barron's Logic Games? It's a game book you can get from Amazon for about $13. I played them all the time before studying for LSAT. I have an average score of -0 to -3 on LG. They really are very similar and they help get the language down pat for the LSAT LG.
    But otherwise, I would say ride out the WL. So many people decide not to attend the schools, so there's a good chance. Otherwise, take the July test and apply next cycle.
    Good luck.

  • okcomputer619okcomputer619 Alum Member
    68 karma

    Thanks, everyone.
    I am going to re-take and reapply. I know I can do better, I owe it to myself. I deserve to go somewhere I love. I need to remind myself about why I want this and how bad I want it.

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