Looking for some insight: Berkeley/Cornell, reverse-splitter chances/profiles?

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Hey all,

I (think) my profile constitutes as a reverse-splitter for Berkeley and Cornell. I want to know (as realistically as possible) what my chances are (I would appreciate it if you do not simply say "not good", because I already know they are not good xD).

I am also curious as to what the profiles for those at/under the 25th percentiles for these schools are like. Is it mostly based on luck?

For convenience, here are the class profiles for Berkeley and Cornell (as published on their sites):
Berkeley Class of '20: LSAT(164/167/168), GPA(3.66/3.79/3.88).
Cornell Entering FL17: LSAT(163/167/168), GPA(3.68/3.77/3.87).

Thanks in advance!


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    Have you looked at mylsn.info? That will answer most of your questions

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    I think you have decent chances if you apply early. With Cornell's mandatory little essay, make sure you communicate that you have researched in depth about Cornell.

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    Thanks for the replies!

    @kimmy_m66 just checked it out, and it says I have a 30% for Berkeley but 80% at Cornell? I think the latter percentage sounds way too high, the LSAC's calculator is putting me at 32-42% for Cornell which sounds more reasonable.

    Edit: but neither of them considers softs, so I'm worried mine aren't at the level needed for reverse-splitters.

    @"Paul Caint" I will definitely be writing the supplementary essays/applying early for both schools!

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    You also said that scholarship $$ isn't a factor for you, so perhaps you should consider applying ED to one of those to boost your chances even more :)

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