Help us name our blog / edit giveaway!

David.BusisDavid.Busis Member Moderator
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UPDATE: And the winner is…

The Brief

Thanks so much for submitting your fantastic ideas, everyone! I can't wait to share the blog with you.

Congrats to our winner, @"samantha.ashley92"!

7Sagers! We're rolling out a new blog with information about everything from the LSAT and law school admissions to the legal profession in general—but we can't think of a good name. Please help! If we choose your name, we'll give you a free Edit Once!

From our brainstorm:

  • Admit One
  • Just Admit It
  • Let Me In (Let the Right One In :)
  • Chapter 7 / Chapter 7Sage ugh i can’t even
  • De facto the matter ? ?
  • Soup de Jure oh god oh god
  • Point at Issue
  • The 7Sage Blog
  • In Brief
  • Law School & Beyond
  • Analyze & Evaluate
  • Writ
  • someone please help


  • youbbyunyoubbyun Alum Member
    1755 karma

    From 0L to Lawyering

  • LCMama2017LCMama2017 Alum Member
    2134 karma

    "Give me some lawing"

    (lol - give me some loving)

  • demiiisodaaademiiisodaaa Alum Member
    131 karma

    Innocent until Admitted

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Monthly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    edited July 2018 27590 karma

    Ok, I actually kinda like "Just Admit It" lol. Since it's out of the running though, I submit for your consideration:

    Apply Yourself, Applying Yourself to Law School, or some other play on the phrase
    Admissions Blog - 7Sage
    Mission Admission

  • Kermit750Kermit750 Alum Member
    edited July 2018 2124 karma

    Sage Insider
    Get Lawyered
    Saved by the Sage
    Sage Talks
    The Sage's Commandments

  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Monthly Member
    1532 karma

    Sages for Ages / Sages 4 Ages

  • ChaimtheGreatChaimtheGreat Alum Member 🍌🍌
    edited July 2018 1277 karma

    Sage Advice
    The Could be True blog (or the Necessary Assumption blog- something like that)
    Rule the Law School
    The Essence of Inference- a Law Blog.
    Diary of a Wimpy Lawyer

    I think the best one mentioned so far is Mission Admission lolol.

  • willrpaytonwillrpayton Member
    33 karma

    The Preparation Proclamation
    The Salvation Proclamation
    Preparation is nine-tenths of the Law

  • _oshun1__oshun1_ Alum Member
    edited July 2018 3652 karma

    The 7sage School for Aspiring Lawyers Who Can't Read Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too
    Lol wish I had an actual solid name idea

  • keepcalmandneuronkeepcalmandneuron Alum Member
    470 karma


    (I'm obviously the most creative one here...he-he...oops)

  • btate87btate87 Alum Member
    edited July 2018 782 karma

    The Amicus Blog
    The Admissions Deposition
    Sufficient & Necessary

    I would also vote for Sage Advice @ChaimtheGreat

  • 200 karma


    Sage Advice is really good.

  • FixedDiceFixedDice Member
    1804 karma

    The 7Sage Wonders of the Legal World

  • Lucas CarterLucas Carter Alum Member
    2798 karma

    Logically Sufficient

  • ad_coelumad_coelum Alum Member
    285 karma

    Oooo -- sounds fun! Some of my ideas are below which can be tweaked with or without the 7Sage name.

    • 7Sage Precedent
    • 7Sage Rule of Law
    • 7Sage Jurist
    • 7Sage At Bar
    • 7Sage Advice Brief
    • In re 7Sage Advice

    Excited to see the blog roll out!

  • cdaddario2cdaddario2 Member
    362 karma

    Juris McPrudenceface

  • ML_LSAT_KillaML_LSAT_Killa Alum Member
    edited July 2018 267 karma

    Below are my submissions:

    "Law School: The Curve Killa Blog"

    "One day lawyer"

    "Some day lawyer"

    "Pick a winner, me"

    "Don't kill mockingbirds"

    "Just in?"

    "In line for a seat at the bar"

    "Mission Acceptance"

    hahaha, this was too much fun.

  • sandypantssandypants Alum Member
    231 karma

    Law School, Demystified
    180 Blog
    Law School Squad
    7Sage Squad
    All In Favor
    99th Percentile

    I'm not the best namer, my angel fish's name was Angel and my guinea pig was named Piggy... good luck!!

    I think "Sage Advice" is brilliant, as suggested by @ChaimtheGreat

  • lemmegetuhhhhlemmegetuhhhh Alum Member
    126 karma

    I also vote Mission Admission

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
    8392 karma

    Just saw this and was going to suggest Sage Advice but it’s been nominated! So I would also second that haha. I wouldn’t hate Just Admit It haha. And De Facto The Matter made me lol.

    Sage Wisdom
    Judicious Approach

  • PearsonSpecterLittUpPearsonSpecterLittUp Alum Member
    588 karma

    Blaw Blaw Blaw

    Raise the bar

    the Blawg

  • Bevs ScooterMinionBevs ScooterMinion Alum Member
    edited July 2018 1018 karma

    What fun!
    Here are my creative attempts:

    Admit the Necessary

    7Sage: Admit the Necessary

    7Sage & Necessary

    7Sage the Padouins

    7Sage-ing the Necessary Padouins

    Sage to Admit
    or, 7Sage to Admit

    7Sage: All things law

    7Sage ad infinitum

    I’m looking forward to the blog and reveal! <—not an attempt. LOL

  • SLP_futureJDSLP_futureJD Alum Member
    464 karma

    I like the “Blawg” play on words. My submissions are:
    7sages of admission
    7sages of the law
    The A Team (The Admissions Team)
    The Sage Leader

  • hawaiihihawaiihi Free Trial Member
    973 karma

    Raising the Bar
    Lawst in Translation
    Admissions Impossible

  • jvkdamoursjvkdamours Alum Member
    12 karma

    Logical Indicators
    (The) Logical Indicator

  • jvkdamoursjvkdamours Alum Member
    12 karma

    or! Blind Review

  • LSATsisyphusLSATsisyphus Alum Member
    33 karma

    Amicus Curiae

  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Monthly Member
    1532 karma

    Logically Legal

  • shegotitshegotit Member
    edited July 2018 211 karma

    I have a couple of ideas

    1. 7sage Law blog Takeways
    2. 7sage Law and Acceptance
    3. 7 sage Paves the Way for all of your Law Desires
    4. The 7sage Law Tricks
    5. 7sage Blog for a Law Cause
    6. All of your law desires in a 7sage Nutshell
    7. 7sage Blog Takeways
    8. Tested, Applied and Admitted
    9. The Law and Obvious
    10. If Elle Woods can do it, so can you
  • TheoryandPracticeTheoryandPractice Alum Member
    1008 karma

    The Law-Full 7Sage Blog

  • JaejaebinxJaejaebinx Alum Member
    edited July 2018 104 karma

    Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog (jk)

    Ask a Sage

    Sages Tell All

    CC & Beyond

    The Sage Page

    Logical Reasoning

    Sage Vox

  • laurathehumanlaurathehuman Alum Member
    edited July 2018 5 karma

    “7Sage Law Line” or, just “Law Line”
    “Lawnch” or "Lawnch with 7Sage"
    With or without tagline “To the Bar and Beyond”
    “Legal Spring”
    “For the Love of Law”

  • mik_withmik_with Alum Member
    edited July 2018 8 karma

    The 7Sage Page: Advice from the LSAT to Law School to your Career in Law
    Backstage with 7Sage: All-encompassing Law Career Advice Directly from the Sage Experts
    Engage with 7Sage: A Comprehensive & Ongoing Discussion on your Path with the Law

    The sub-titles could be moved around to better suit your personal preference, or removed all together.

  • sunflowersandlawsunflowersandlaw Alum Member
    edited July 2018 360 karma

    3L: Law, Logic and Lawyers

    Necessary Assumptions

    You've Been Saged

    Acquittals and Tribulations

    Sage Affirmations

    the 7Sage Motive

    Affirmed and Admitted

    Ex Post Facto

    7Sage Deposed

    Sufficient for Admission

    Sufficient & Saged

    The Law Reasoned

    Motive and Motivation

    Sage Affidavits

    Affirming and Admitting

    Sage Affirms

    Due Diligence

    Sage Decisis

    Cause of Action

    Ahead of the Curve

    Hahaha I definitely had fun with these!

  • jvkdamoursjvkdamours Alum Member
    12 karma

    properly drawn

  • L.EtrangerL.Etranger Alum Member
    72 karma

    Appeal to Admissions
    Applications in Brief
    Inside the Chambers: admissions
    Admissions Amicus
    LSAT Hacks
    Burden of Admission
    Due process
    Pro Say

    Hahaha loving all the comedic vibes on here! Who said lawyers don't have a sense of humor.

  • L.EtrangerL.Etranger Alum Member
    72 karma

    *future lawyers

  • jhbm_nycjhbm_nyc Alum Member
    568 karma

    The Main Point
    Arguments to Admission
    From Logic to Law School
    From Logic Games to the Admission Game
    Logical Assumptions & Law School Admissions

  • jhanco10jhanco10 Alum Member
    edited July 2018 195 karma

    The 7Sage Pathway Blog

    7Sage 360

    7Sage Insights

    The 7Sage Way

    Law School 365

  • HesiJimboHesiJimbo Member
    31 karma

    My Applicant Got Admitted
    Bar None
    Motion Accepted

  • Tarot LegalTarot Legal Alum Member
    40 karma

    Lawgically Speaking

  • Tarot LegalTarot Legal Alum Member
    40 karma

    Wisdom of the Sages

  • Sue Doe NimbSue Doe Nimb Alum Member
    183 karma

    Laying Down the Law

  • MarClaAveMarClaAve Member
    123 karma

    I vote for Sage Advice or Sufficient and Necessary

  • btate87btate87 Alum Member
    782 karma

    @Jaejaebinx said:
    Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog (jk)

    Ask a Sage

    Sages Tell All

    CC & Beyond

    The Sage Page

    Logical Reasoning

    Sage Vox

    I can't believe Bob Loblaw's Law Blog didn't instantly come to mind!

  • skiatook89-1-1skiatook89-1-1 Alum Member
    175 karma

    I have two for your consideration:

    7Sage presents Lawgical Advice
    Lawgit Talk and Advice

  • tyson7776tyson7776 Alum Member
    19 karma

    "LSAT Central"

    "The Magic School Busis"

    "The Omnibusis"

    "The Lion Ping"

    "Ping Point"

    "The Lion Ping II: Simba's Pride"

    "The Gilded Sage"

    "The Last Law"

    "Sage Life"

    "LSATurdays are for the Boys"

    "Kangaroo Court"

    "Law of the Land"

    "If I Write a Whole Bunch of Names, They Just Might Pick One of Them"

    "Sage Fright"

    "The Waitlist"

    "Sage Against the Machine"

    "So This Guy Walks Into a Bar..."

    "The Legal Has Landed"

    "Pretty Much Anything Else We Didn't Already Cover in Our In-Depth, Informative, Affordable, One-Of-A-Kind Curriculum"

    "Sage Central"

    "What I Learned in Boating School Is"

    "All the Sage"

    "Hell Hath No Jury"

    "At This Point It'd be Easier to Just Pay the $199 for the Edit Once"

    "Above the Median"

    "The Question Mark"

    "If I Spent as Much Time Studying as I have Coming Up With Mediocre Names I'd Score a 180"

    "Question Session"

    "Between the Lines"

    "The Fine Print"

    "Any Last Words?"

    "The Blog" (probably my favorite, beauty in simplicity)

  • samantha.ashley92samantha.ashley92 Alum Member
    1777 karma

    Ok so I'm always up for a good pun. For the overall title:
    The Brief
    Due Process
    Sage Page
    7 and the Legal Profession (eh... it rhymes)

    For sections (call the menu Sidebar... or the whole blog?):
    Burden of Proofreading
    Application Capital Offenses
    May the Record Reflect... (application things)
    Class Action (about transcripts, LORs, etc)
    De Novo (transfer student things)
    Something about Undue Hardship for scholarship-related things.

  • edited July 2018 439 karma

    Just spit balling here:

    der legal spiegel

    setting the bar


    case to be made


    law school dossier

    bar downed (if named this, blog must include hockey)


    sage review

    many leather bound books about law

    case review

    the opening statement


  • sheilaksfsheilaksf Member
    24 karma

    How about Race (res, get it?) Judicata, or if you prefer Race Gestae....

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