November LSAT - Questions on Admissions

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Hello everyone,

I am working towards taking the November LSAT as my first test. I had hoped to take the September test, but missed the deadline by one day (flew home from Asia and mindlessly thought the deadline was the 1st). I have been studying on and off since March, but plan on studying full-time now that I have graduated.

I have a few questions; is it wise to submit applications before my LSAT score comes through? If I score lower than expected in November, would it be okay to test again in January? If I do test again in January, should I hold off applying until I receive those scores? Or should I submit early and have my updated scores sent in as they come?

I read that applying around December is fairly acceptable as long as you aren't shooting for ED. I was in the top 15% at my school (UCSB) and my first raw PT was 163. I am hoping to raise that by at least 5 points. Although I am only applying to one T-14, most others are still in the T-50. Sorry for all the questions, feeling a little frantic about making this cycle!

Thanks so much!


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    Take November. Have everything else ready. If you're happy with your November score, go ahead and submit your applications. If you're not, retake and hold off until next year. Don't waste your money applying to schools when you don't have a record LSAT score. There's too much risk of not getting the score you need.

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    I agree with @loosekanen. If you have all of your application materials ready for the moment scores release, you should be good. Don't worry about not taking September either. You have plenty of time, as long as you apply before Christmas.

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