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Just dropping in with an update

Victoria14Victoria14 Alum Member

This time last year, I basically spammed this discussion board every day.

7Sage is the reason I genuinely feel like I'm not going to drown in law school, especially as I sit here and brief a case for my orientation next week. With this program, I was able to conquer the LSAT and go on to apply and get into a law school of my choice. This post is just to say a simple thank you to the wonderful staff of 7Sage and this amazing community.

Chins up everyone!


  • Freddy_DFreddy_D Core Member
    2983 karma

    Thanks for the motivation. Kill it in law school!

  • Gladiator_2017Gladiator_2017 Yearly Member
    1332 karma

    Congrats! Can't wait to be in your shoes next year (fingers crossed).

  • keets993keets993 Alum Member 🍌
    edited August 2018 6045 karma

    Congrats!! I saw your posts frequently last year! Btw, I think I remember seeing something about a huge actual and BR gap...what strategies were you able to successfully implement to amend that?

  • AudaciousRedAudaciousRed Alum Member
    2689 karma

    This is awesome :) Thank you!

  • tringo335tringo335 Alum Member
    3679 karma


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