September'18 Study Group | Blind Review PT 79 | Friday, August 10th | 7:30 PM EST

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September'18 Study Group | Blind Review PT 79 | Friday, August 10th | 7:30 PM EST

Hey everyone! For those that are unaware, there is going to be an AMA (Ask me Anything) on Thursday, August 9th 9:00 PM ET with JY and David Busis. That will probably conflict with our review session. So! If you plan on joining the group for the review session of PT 79, please vote on whether you would like to start our session early on Thursday (6:30 PM ET) or would like to have our session on Friday, August 10th instead.

Edit: As per the vote, our meeting will be Friday, August 10 7pm EST (Yay democracy)

Also, if you are interested in attending the AMA here is the link, you have to register beforehand so please be sure to do so :)

Also! When you join the call, please be sure to have your first name and your 7sage handle in brackets so it's easy to keep track

If you are done the curriculum or almost done the curriculum, join us when you can. We welcome people in all stages of prep. The point of the group is to get your lsat nerd on with other like-minded people and make the process more fun. Expand your thinking and learning by interacting with others! For my fellow shy-people, everyone is going to be focused on their own answers/questions that I guarantee you they will not be judging you based on mispronounced words, reading-speed, etc. It's all for fun!

Note: Take the PT under timed conditions; BR to the best of your abilities; join us for all or part of the call! For the purposes of the group please don't check the answers beforehand. If you happen to know the answer, keep it to yourself, and win the argument using your reasoning. Also, please don't go "so I know the answer is C but I don't know why B is wrong?" as the purpose is so that we all collaborate on improving our reasoning skills.

Enter the questions you wish to go over on the spreadsheet below! Write your name beside the question(s) you wish to cover, if the question(s) you want to cover are already marked by someone else, add your name! :) The more discussion, the merrier.


Tentative Schedule:

September 18 Study Group

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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United States: +1 (224) 501-3412

Access Code: 879-623-125

Joining from a video-conferencing room or system?
Cisco devices: 879623125@

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Note: I will not be sharing my screen so please have the material in front of you.


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