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An RC warm-up that helped my score

TraianusTraianus Member
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Hey everyone,

I'm taking the LSAT on Saturday, and the reading section has been a constant thorn in my side throughout this whole process. I find it extremely frustrating that I've had a reading section similar to this on every standardized test since the third grade, but consistently miss questions on RC. I understand that the LSAT is much harder in difficulty, but nonetheless the idea is the same.

I've tried a few different warm-up methods such as reading another LSAT passage, and science articles, but RC was still consistently my worst section.

Recently, I've started reading extremely old material (think KJV Bible or Shakespeare) as a warmup and it has helped a ton. I now frequently am going -0 on most passages, a noticeable change from an average of about -1.5 per passage. My last timed PT I had a personal best -2 RC.

I think I've read somewhere else that Shakespeare helps, so maybe some of you do something similar. Maybe it's not the difficulty of translating the old style of English that is helping my score, but rather that I am warming up with material that I enjoy. Just wanted to share what has helped me, good luck to everyone testing this weekend!


  • Nunuboy1994Nunuboy1994 Free Trial Member
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    I think it can be good to read older and perhaps somewhat obscure literature; the grammatical style of Shakespeare, for example, can definitely force you to read more actively in an effort to comprehend.

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