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Lost with Logic Games

Is anyone else lost with logic games? I''ve been studying for the LSAT for several months and the logic games ( not even the easy ones) just don't make sense to all....I'm signed up for the LSAT this saturday. would it be better to just not take it and pick a different career if I just can't learn logic games? Everyone else on here seems to think they are attainable or the easiest section and I just don't see it.


  • evansiegal94evansiegal94 Member
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    Hi Brittany,

    I sympathize with you. I too am finding LG to be challenging. That said, you might want to consider whether you truly want to be in the legal field if you are questioning your profession because of the test. We all go through rough patches in our studying, and most of us deal with a nemesis or two along the way.

    If you are not where you want to be, I would recommend rescheduling your examine until you feel more confident!

    Everyone learns at their own rate. And I can assure you that this test is beatable with proper studying. Have you reached out for extra help on the forum? A study buddy, or even a private tutor, might be the best thing for you if you feel that the 7sage method is not clicking for you (it doesn't work for everyone).

    Just my 2 cents!

  • LawSkewlProbsLawSkewlProbs Alum Member
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    I would say to to get the Logic Games Bible and start working through the book. There are simple things you need to learn which will enable you to build upon. Jumping right into games and not knowing how to diagram is silly. You should also learn how to make inferences. For example if A must come before B...then B can never be first and A can never be last. I'm not an expert by any means, but I have accepted that in order to succeed I must learn the test. There's no short cut. There's not a timetable that I am on. I learn at my own pace. Don't look at what others are doing. You can do this. If mankind can figure out how to put together a bunch of metal and aluminum and get it to soar through the air, you can learn this test. Are you willing to learn the basics, and put the time in to learn this test?

  • PPPPremePPPPreme Member
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    I would definitely look into a different method if 7sage's isn't working out for you. LG is no joke! It's not easy, it's just learnable. I would highly suggest PowerScore Bibles for logic games. That's what I did first, and it helped a lot. Then I moved onto 7sage. Sometimes having an actual physical book in front of you helps; at least it did for me.

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