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Help interpreting LSAC lingo...

lady macbethlady macbeth Alum Member
edited November 2018 in General 894 karma

The school requires 2 LORs.
The total number of required documents is 2.
The school will only accept up to 3 LORs.
The total number accepted cannot exceed 3.
Accepts letters of recommendation when the initial law school report is ready to be sent and when LSAC has received at least 2 letters of recommendation.
The law school report will be updated and sent each time LSAC receives a letter of recommendation.

Does this mean that if I'm waiting on one more professor for a letter (I've assigned two letters {which is the number required for this specific app} to this application. Only one of them is received. But waiting on another), and I submit my application now without having my professor having uploaded my letter -- the professor can upload it later and the law school report will update it?

Basically what I am asking lol is if I can go forth and pay the application fee and submit my application, even without one of the letters assigned being received yet?


  • jurislawjurislaw Alum Member
    edited November 2018 51 karma

    I'm not sure I fully understand your question. Ideally you would need to wait for the reception of BOTH letters on your LSAC profile before submitting your application to any school that requires a minimum of two LORs.

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
    8392 karma

    Interesting... I think that technically, the answer is yes. However, is that bolded text from LSAC or the school? That seems to say that they will either not send or not accept the CAS report until both letters have been received.

    I think what I would do is call admissions at the school and ask them. My guess would be that they say that you can send it but your application will be marked as incomplete until the 2nd letter is received and they won't review your application until it is complete.

    Also, you may want to (politely) light a fire under your letter writer if that is the only thing you are missing. :)

  • lady macbethlady macbeth Alum Member
    894 karma

    @jurislaw @"Leah M B" haha yeah i just sent the application and finally got the letter! i had to bust my professor's balls for it. but thankfully he's a super cool guy. i'm no longer going to stress my brain out trying to figure out what that bolded text means haha! but thank you guys so much.

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