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Blew my November LSAT, not even close to my PT average.

Simmy7SageSimmy7Sage Alum Member
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I am so confused.

I had been writing PT's for two weeks prior to the November LSAT and averaging in the 155-157 range. Feeling confident, I took the November LSAT with no issues with anxiety, or time management during the test. Yet, 3 weeks later, I find I have done just as bad as my original diagnostic test...
My Logic games and RC sections were both WAY below average. Does anyone have any tips to improve marks? I feel as if I have been hit by a bus with this mark.


  • chasejochasejo Alum Member
    9 karma

    I did bad too, I'm going to keep studying and not let it get the best of me

    84 karma

    I took the LSAT six times... Getting bad scores is brutal but eventually you'll make it! Don't give up! What I found to be the most helpful was to stop taking PTs and focus on the 7sage course material. Watch the Lawgic coursework so many times that you hear JY in your dreams. I think I made the mistake of rushing through some of it but if you can't get every single question right on all of the quizzes you shouldn't move on to PTs.

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