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Pending LSAT: January or February Apps

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Hi all,

Happy New Year!

I am registered for the January LSAT and most of the schools I am applying to will not review my application until February (after my January LSAT results come in). Given that my application will be held by the school and not reviewed until February, will I boost my chances at all by submitting in January instead of February?

Is it better to wait until I have my last LSAT score before submitting?

I feel like I want to use my last month before the LSAT to prepare for the LSAT but I also don't want to damage my chances by submitting in Feb. when I could technically submit in January and spend some time finishing my essays (time I could perhaps better utilize on LSAT prep)
Would love to hear if anyone else is in the same boat and would love to hear your opinion @"David.Busis" - I unfortunately, can't attend office hours because I'm in a different time zone and have work tomorrow...

Thank you,


  • Jmholmes93685Jmholmes93685 Member
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    I'm in a similar position, but have an LSAT score already on file that fits within the majority of my choices 25-75% LSAT range. I am submitting my applications and leaning towards asking them to begin their review of my application based on the score on file so that I make the priority deadlines for scholarships and admission. Interested to know the responses on this.

  • ExcludedMiddleExcludedMiddle Alum Member
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    You want to get it in before your LSAT score comes in - ideally at least 10-14 days before it's released. That way, everything else is in and you're otherwise complete once the score is released. If you wait until you get the score to submit then it will take time for your application to process and that will delay their review of your app even more. Since many schools have rolling admissions, it's best to apply as soon as you can. I'd recommend getting your apps in before the end of January at the very least.

  • David BusisDavid Busis Member Moderator
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    I would still submit your applications in Jan instead of Feb if you can. Applications are time-stamped, so when the admissions committee is ready to review yours, it may get priority over applications that came in later.

    Another thing to consider: you can ask that schools consider your application without waiting for your January score. Many will respect that. You might send that request to schools that are safeties and targets for your current score, if you have one. (If you don't have a valid score yet, of course, this doesn't apply).

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    Thanks, everyone!
    I have decided to make the LSAT the priority but will be working on my applications concurrently and aim to submit them by the end of the month (or worst case scenario: the first week of Feb).

    I will request that my safeties review my app asap and will have the other schools hold off until the Jan score comes in.

    Can't thank @"David.Busis" and you all enough!!!

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