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Can you circle question numbers on the LSAT scantron sheet?

LouislepauvreLouislepauvre Alum Member
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Hey gang!

When I took the November LSAT, I bubbled all of my answers at once, at the very end when 5 minutes was called. I'm trying out a new bubbling method. I'm liking giving myself micro breaks now, and bubbling as I go along. My issue is with questions I've circled---skipped questions that I don't want to turn back to until the very end. Typically I circle them on the test booklet, but now with the bubbling method, I'd like to bubble the other answers in and leave that one blank. My fear is that I'll forget that blank space later on. Can I circle or dash or mark in some way the number for that question on the actual scantron? Does anybody do this? Thanks for any input!


  • SLP_futureJDSLP_futureJD Alum Member
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    Hi @Louislepauvre ! I have tried both bubbling after each question and bubbling in groups (after each page for LR, after each passage/game for RC/LG). I find bubbling in groups most beneficial for me. I also use a method mentioned by @"nicole.hopkins" (I think) in a post on bubbling errors where I use put my left pointer finger on the question number, my left thumb on the answer choice, and use my right hand to bubble in on the scantron (obviously switch if you are left handed). This has helped me decrease bubbling errors with group bubbling and skipping.

    To answer your question specifically, I DO put marks (typically a straight line) next to questions that I skip (I also double circle these in the booklet). At the 5 min mark, ideally I'm already back looking at the questions that I've skipped, but at this point I typically erase the marks that I made on the scantron b/c otherwise I get too nervous that I'll leave them there by accident. Also, at the 5 min mark I switch to bubbling per question vs. group bubbling.

    There are lots of posts on bubbling and some insight offered in the webinar videos on bubbling. That's where I got all the tips mentioned above.

    Hope that helps!

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
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    I did this for a while with light dash marks, but made sure to erase them before time is up. Stray marks could potentially make the scantron not read properly. Better safe than sorry.

    I later switched to filling in guesses on my first pass and then when I go back, erase and change as needed. That way I made sure to at least have a guess filled in. But this is better done if you don’t skip many per section, since it does take a tiny bit of extra time to erase.

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