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Cancel or not to Cancel!?

Amrina96kAmrina96k Alum Member
edited January 2019 in General 144 karma

So I just wrote my third attempt at the LSAT today. And I am not feeling too great about it. I had 2 LG game section, and i really struggled with one of them ( was able to complete on 2) and did very well on the other one (finished all 4 of them). It turns out that the one I struggled with was the real section!
I also struggled on one of the LR section.
that being said, I'm 90% sure i did worse on this LSAT than on my last one. So will it be a good idea to cancel my score? Since I've already attempted it 3 times and I don't want another bad score to be on my record (not sure if so many attemps will impact my applications?)
Or should I not lose hope and just wait to see how i did?

FYI-I am a Canadian Lsat taker.


  • ChardiggityChardiggity Alum Member
    336 karma

    My condolences on the LG situation. Same thing happened to me in September. I'm not sure that a cancel looks better than a lower score, and struggling on an LR section doesn't mean you bombed it (unless you didn't finish). The conventional advice is to only cancel if you mis-bubbled a section or didn't finish the test, etc. Also, schools really really only care about your highest score, outside of perhaps the top three.

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