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    @NickIllini said:
    Does anyone feel like the older RC passages are A LOT easier than the current ones (60+).

    On older RC sections I've been averaging around -0 or -2 and that includes doing 2 Hard Reading Comp Problem Sets (I use it as a 5th section when I take a PT). However, when it comes to newer passages in my full PTs I've been getting -5 or even more wrong.

    Anyone have any tips for me? From my earlier results on older RC I was so confident in my abilities but now it's become by far my worst section.

    I have had a similar experience. It isn’t so much that I find the passages harder to read or understand, but for some reason the questions seem to have gotten slightly harder in my opinion.

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    Yes, I have found the RC from the recent tests to be substantially more difficult. It took me a while to get used to it.

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    The new RCs become heavily LR based. The passages themselves are still the same but as others mentioned, the proportion of "most strongly supported" question types become more common in RC. If you are strong in LR, I suppose it wouldn't be as noticeable of a difference but it's been a known phenomenon on forums and powerscore did a podcast about it. In general, new LR and RC harder and LG got easier.

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    Yes, I got a lot more wrong on the new tests too.

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    Yes. I also think newer RC questions have gotten more subtle. The answer choices seem harder to eliminate and trap answer choices appear to be designed to test whether you really understood the gist of a hard concept or complicated tone/structure of the passage.
    Some trap ACs contain the most attractive phrases or words that seem to be from the passage but are tweaked to make them wrong. Some trap ACs take advantage of any assumptions or flawed inferences you may have made while reading the passage.
    And sometimes the correct ACs appear to be so far from your expectations that you cannot even identify it. The notorious forest preservation question from PT82 P1 Q7, for example.

    Inference questions are usually among the most challenging but occasionally even straightforward "identify/passage indicates" detail questions can throw me for a loop.

    Definitely trickier than past RCs.

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