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Tips to know how to translate dense stimuluses

Harvey_lHarvey_l Alum Member

Hey guys; I have weak reading skills when it comes to translating dense jargon of LR passages by philosophy and socialist stimulus on the LR

Does anyone have any advice for learning how to translate these difficult passages into easier to understand chunks?


  • Harvey_lHarvey_l Alum Member
    268 karma

    Im sure you guys encountered these passages where they ramble on about immoral actions or something like what is morally adept or so on with the annoying hard to understand philosophies..

  • LSATTrevLSATTrev Member
    68 karma

    I'm a humanities major, so that's kinda how I feel about STEM passages.

    Post some of the specific stimuli that are giving you trouble. Then we can more readily identify what is tripping you up.

  • BumblebeeBumblebee Member
    edited February 2019 640 karma

    My suggestion is to analyze as many "morality/philosophy" related LR questions as possible and familiarize yourself with recurring patterns, whether in content or reasoning or question types to which this type of abstact content lends itself.

    Some of the patterns I have found are:

    1) Conditional logic defining what a moral action is
    Example: "if an action is to have moral worth, X Y Z must happen".

    Sufficient Assumption, necessary assumptions, MBT, MSS question types often test us on following through with conditional logic regarding this subject matter.

    (PT82 S4 Q11, PT34 S2 Q7)

    2) Recurring themes like Kant (duty ethics) vs. Mill (practical ethics); intentions/motivations vs. consequences; free will vs. external constraints

    (PT66 S2 Q20, PT66 S4 Q7)

    If you type "moral action lsat" on Google, you can click "more results" through Manhattan prep LR forum and drill questions with morality related content. Drilling them may be useful.

  • BamboosproutBamboosprout Alum Member
    1694 karma

    I recommend getting a tutor for this. It can be worth the investment to get specialized help. There isn't really any tricks or hacks besides reading more carefully and not get bogged down by subject matter, so the forum can't really help you much. I can suggest focusing on the sentence structure, but that's not really pragmatic. This is something you need to devote time and effort, and to develop a system for.

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