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Indicating Pending Score?

Hi all, sorrry if there’s already a very clear post about this!

I’m submitting my applications for this fall (I know, late af) and would like to indicate that I have a Jan 2019 score pending.

I’ve read various accounts about what schools do (some waiting without getting prompted and some processing your application as-is) and just want to play it safe.

What do you guys recommend?


  • Beast ModeBeast Mode Member
    edited February 2019 837 karma


    I think the best thing to do is submit your apps as soon as possible and e-mail the schools, ask them to consider your January 2019 score when they make their final decision. It will be better to let them know so they don't automatically make the decision without your new score.

    Best of luck!

  • Selene SteelmanSelene Steelman Free Trial Member Admissions Consultant
    2032 karma

    I agree with Beast Mode. It is good to be explicit with what you would like the Admissions Committee to do so they aren't left guessing. Good luck!

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    Don't worry I'm also sending my apps in Feb too! It happens! :/

  • yurple591yurple591 Alum Member
    62 karma

    Thanks guys! I don’t totally know what you mean by “email the schools” but i’ll do some digging and see who I can reach out to (I went ahead and pressed submit!).

  • Beast ModeBeast Mode Member
    837 karma

    Congrats on submitting. By e-mailing the schools means contact the Admissions Committee as Selene indicated and ask them to take into consideration your January 2019 score when they make their final decision.

  • yurple591yurple591 Alum Member
    62 karma

    that’s a reachable audience? the admissions committee? i feel like i’d at most find some general admissions email address and hope for the best.

    but i’ll look! i’ve been busy not doing anything law school related

  • Kermit750Kermit750 Alum Member
    edited February 2019 2124 karma

    Yea email the admissions office asking them to place a hold on your app till the score comes out. Their email address is always accessible on their website. They have access to your file, so they can make the updates as needed.

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