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7Sage Course Comparisons

SaraFromOCSaraFromOC Member
in General 148 karma

I'm retaking the LSAT, & I have 2 powerscores and quite a few books of prep tests from last time. So I was wondering if it was worth it to get the Ultimate Plus as opposed to the Ultimate, since the main difference seems to lie in the prep tests and I already have many of them. There are also more section explanations, though. If it weren't for the fact that you have to pay the lump sum in one go instead of on payment, I would probably just opt for the Plus. Thoughts?


  • BumblebeeBumblebee Member
    640 karma

    I think one of the best features of the Ultimate Plus is that you get to choose any question you got wrong or want to redo and print it out as a drill pack via Question Bank.
    The Question Bank feature is so convenient.

  • salonpapassalonpapas Member
    138 karma

    I was in the same boat. I decided on Ultimate. It's been fine. I do wish I had the Question Bank like Bumblebee said. But Ultimate is pretty dandy!

  • BamboosproutBamboosprout Alum Member
    1694 karma

    if you have the money for it, ultimate plus is the clear winner. It's not about the tests. It's about the access to practice questions and the flexibility to build custom drills and tests.

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