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Michigan 1L: Advice Based on 1 Semester in Law School



  • _oshun1__oshun1_ Alum Member
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    Super use useful info in your comment above re $$ and jobs!
    Michigan WL’d me, i’m gonna visit at the end of February!

  • Seeking PerfectionSeeking Perfection Alum Member
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    @oshun1 said:
    Super use useful info in your comment above re $$ and jobs!
    Michigan WL’d me, i’m gonna visit at the end of February!

    If you private message me when you are coming, I would be happy to meet up if I can.

  • Seeking PerfectionSeeking Perfection Alum Member
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    So, I found an unpaid public interest job. I don't want to go into too much detail about it because one of the best parts about this job is I don't have to decide whether or not to take it for several more months.

    This is great because it lets me keep looking for other jobs while having a back up option I still would enjoy.

    I'm also applying to some part time LSAT tutoring jobs for the summer in the area of the public interest job. That option either before or during law school is another excellent reason (other than maximizing the quality of your legal education and getting scholarships to minimize the cost) to spend a lot of time studying the for LSAT here and to practice by helping teach others for free.

    Speaking of unpaid/low paid options, Michigan's clinics need people over the summer too. They take Michigan students first and then usually have extra openings and open up to other schools so they are a pretty safe option if you are worried about finding something. I know a few people who applied to them in case they don't get something soon. Interviews are next week though and after that you might have to make a decision so it can be a matter of whether you want to gamble and wait for something (you personally consider) better or jump on a good thing while you can.

    According to the career advisors not too many people end up on the wrong side of waiting too long to lower their standards though. They say that apart from a couple students who are busy and in dual degree programs, everyone at Michigan gets some legal job(often unpaid) for their 1L summer which is what you need to keep pace with everyone else.

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