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Start LG or practice LR

d__villad__villa Alum Member
in General 98 karma

I am nearing the end of the LR curriculum.. I slowly moved through it to make sure I understood the concepts well. Now, I ask my fellow 7sagers; should I practice LR in the form of PT sections or something else (ideas are welcomed), or get started on LG? Thoughts, ideas?

LG or LR
  1. Should I do more LR practice post LR CC or move on to LG5 votes
    1. Practice LR
    2. Start LG


  • SLP_futureJDSLP_futureJD Alum Member
    464 karma

    Can that "or" be an inclusive "or" and you practice both LR and start on LG? Coming from someone who wishes she'd stayed brushed up on LR (and meant to but didn't) while I worked through the LG curriculum and foolproofed...

  • MochiosisMochiosis Alum Member
    27 karma

    I would also suggest doing both.

    You can always focus on drilling using the LR problem sets included at the end of each lesson section and, even more importantly, truly committing to memory the things that other people have identified as critical to moving through the timed LR with speed (knowing the common flaws, valid and invalid argument forms, etc.)

    For me personally, if I do too much of one section type in a short amount of time it kiiiiinda makes me want to scream. Variety is your friend.

  • PrincessPrincess Alum Member
    821 karma

    Hi! Okay, so I basically think that I can relate to you very well because I tried doing this last year and studied for a few months, but could have done so much better if I was aware of all the effort it truly was going to take. I thought that the LSAT was going to just click and not be that difficult because I started scoring in the 160s range. I got a bit overconfident thinking I could easily get into the 170s (haha, clearly I'm still here so that didn't work). This is all the advise I would have given to myself last year when I was in your place and what I am doing right now as well:

    This is a hard test. It is going to depend on how you scored on your first diagnostic, how you score after you finish the CC, and then how much more you improve from there. Since you do have limited time, I would suggest that keep studying for the LR and progress through that. At the same time, you need to do the basic logic lesson and advanced logic lesson. Once you understand the idea of "or" "Not Both" and others...then you can progress to the Logic Games! You need to make sure you go through all those logic games lessons. At the same time, keep studying for the LR.

    Once you have finished the lessons of the Logic Games, you are going to print off the the logic games bundle which has EVERY game from tests 1-35. Now those games, you want to do atleast 1 game EVERY DAY. Make piles, time yourself, repeat the ones you miss, continue the next day, and don't stop. The piles get bigger, it gets frusterating, keep watching the videos, and you will be fine.

    For the logic games, I swear it will just click because they just are repeated over and over. The Logical Reasoning is a bit more challenging for me though. You want to make sure you don't skip through videos because the way JY explains the WRONG answers is so much more helpful than just getting the RIGHT answer right. You want to know why something is wrong, how that wrong answer could have been correct, and how it may be the correct answer in future logical reasoning questions.

    Once the LR is done, the logic games are still in process, then just take a breath and take your first Preptest after the course. I know you haven't done the Reading Comp, but honestly just take the test and see how much you improve. This gives you more of a rubric to go off from because you learn what areas you're still weak in. This time you DRILL those areas, such as flaw quesitons or strengthen questions. You will get better slowly. Don't forget to BR all of these.

    Now as you're studying, drilling, doing logic games, then start the RC and just try to see how JY does it. Look at different strategies and implement those. Depending on that, you want to take the test! I went from a 144 (i think? maybe 143? idk) to a 162-165 in about 3.5 months. I am still studying and trying to take my time with the course, and am hoping to get a 170 by July. I definetly think you can get into the 160s, but it's going to be ridiculous amount of work! It will all be worth it though!

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