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Would you recommend this strategy?

HeyaaaaaaHeyaaaaaa Alum Member

So i’ve managed to improve my LR score to about 0-2 questions wrong per section. On good days I get every LR question right and on bad days I would get up to 3 or 4 wrong in total. I first finish the section in about 30 min and go back to the questions I circled as confusing. The thing is, when I solve questions I usually read every single answer choice (so even if I know that AC A is the correct answer, I would read B,C,D,E just to make sure). Sometimes, when i’m absolutely sure that the one I chose is the correct answer, I just skim through the rest of the answer choices, but I still spend time reading them.

What do you guys think about not reading the other answer choices once I choose an answer that i’m fairly sure is right? This way I would finish the section earlier and would have more time to spend on trickier questions. Right now I feel like i’m too nervous to do it but i’ve seen JY do it in his live commentaries and am thinking about it.

Has anyone tried this and improved their scores? Or should I still at least skim through every answer choice?


  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    edited March 2019 23929 karma

    I defintely did that and it ended up working well for me. Granted, I really only did this on the first 10-12 questions that tend to be easier. Otherwise, unless I had a solid prephrase and found it, I would usually read all the answer choices.

    As long as the reason you’re missing those 3-4 on a bad day aren’t a result of this strategy, I say go for it. Once you’re only missing 0-2 on LR, you pretty much know when you can/cannot trust yourself.

  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    I agree with everything @Alex wrote. You're at the point where you can confidently move through the easy questions without picking apart every single answer choice. I did this too- with the first ten or so questions, I skimmed every AC but once I knew the right answer I just moved on. I think it will come pretty naturally. Try it out on some practice sections. No reason to be nervous- it's just practice. If you like it, you like it, if not, that's okay too.

  • eRetakereRetaker Member
    2038 karma

    To each their own, but I chose to read each answer choice for every single LSAT question so that I can avoid trap answers. For me, the questions I was missing at the end of my studies were ones I wouldn't have gotten correct even if I have more time so I figured might as well spend the time upfront with the other questions to be sure I didn't make a tiny mistake. All my sections took up to the last minute and I rarely had time to check but it went well for me so far and it seems like it's working pretty well for u too already.

  • KeepCalmKeepCalm Alum Member
    edited March 2019 807 karma

    I have to say congrats on your LR improvement! Getting -0/-2 on good days is great! Getting -3/-4 on bad days is even better! :tongue:

    Personally, I feel too paranoid if I do not read each answer choice (to avoid trap answers). Despite my certainty that ‘(B) is the answer!’, I am not confident enough to pursue it. This is something I hope to overcome (strike that, need to overcome: reading each answer choice is time consuming.)

    I plan to alleviate my paranoia by taking the next PT without reading all of the answer choices when I am 99% sure ‘this is the answer’. I suggest you try this as well! It could help you gauge your need for reviewing all of the answer choices and determine if and/or when there may be exceptions.

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