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Reviewing RC questions useful? #help

I'm having a hard time seeing how reviewing (or BRing) RC questions (e.g., by watching JY's videos) helps you do better on future RC. I feel like doing well on RC is largely passage-driven (at least for me), so correcting my answers on one passage probably will not translate into getting more questions right on future passages. What are some RC skills that reviewing RC questions/BR-ing could allow you to work on that could help with future RC questions?


  • yikessssyikessss Alum Member
    3 karma

    Hi! I initially didn't bother reviewing my RC questions, but I think going through them will help you to familiarize yourself more with the format and types of questions that they'll ask. You might improve your comprehension and speed if you keep reading that type of passage. It can only help you to BR them.

  • Ms NikkiMs Nikki Alum Member
    128 karma

    BRing definitely helps unless you are consistently -0/-1 overall on reading, both in terms of speed and accuracy.

    What BR does is take out the constraint of time and help to see what the ideal score would be. It develops skills which leads to speed and accuracy. When BRing RC, you can figure out if you had a glaring error or misunderstanding of the passage, or if you misunderstood a specific question. You will begin to see trends in questions you tend to struggle with. Are they structure based or detail oriented? Do they happen more in sci passages or law? Did you spend too much time on the details and thus have less time on the last passages?

    The other huge impact BR has is that it forces you not only to consider why an answer is right, but also what makes the other AC wrong. Doing this will add speed when you are actually testing because it will allow you to eliminate ACs more quickly based on those flaws or tricks that the LSAT uses again and again.

    Additionally, the LSAT recycles topics all of the time.When you take the time to understand plate tectonics on one passage, it might help in another PT down the line. Yet, even with new material, the structures are all the same. Really diving deep into the structure helps to make a shallow swim easier when the clock is ticking!

  • Madssssss L.Madssssss L. Alum Member
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    Would agree it helps! Esp if some of the inference questions are the ones you're missing. Check the Analytics to go where you're going wrong and prioritise your time accordingly, but I wouldn't advise skipping it completely.

  • FlashLSATFlashLSAT Alum Member
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    Think of it as enhancing the quality of your study has you dissect RC questions down to their lowest common denominator. getting familiar with the passage and also its questions will build mental patterns for you and will help you naturally pick up on details that you know you will be asked about in the questions. Different questions have different strategies. As previously stated check your analytics to see if there are specific question types that you seem to miss more frequently than others.

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