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Phi Beta Kappa?

ilovethelsatilovethelsat Alum Member

Hi all,

I was just curious about the significance of Phi Beta Kappa on your resume when applying to law schools. Obviously, I'm aware that GPA and LSAT are the most important, and then the other factors are considered to a lesser degree but certain honors or awards (like if you get a national scholarship, for example) of course weigh more than others. I go to a top 10 school and will graduate with a 3.85 GPA (weighted LSAC GPA will be about a 3.91) but due to the competitiveness of my school, I did not make Phi Beta Kappa.



  • eRetakereRetaker Member
    2038 karma

    Won't matter tbh, it's more of a tie-breaker if schools are deciding between two equal candidates for one final spot but decisions rarely, if ever, come down to that. PBK students do better in admissions moreso because they have a high GPA, not because of the title. A student with PBK but lower GPA than you will likely have a worse admission cycle, given equal LSATs. With a 3.91 GPA and a competitive LSAT, I think you will see very good results so don't worry about PBK designations. Lastly, good luck on the upcoming cycle!

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