Bar Admission - does the ABA investigate every single applicant's resume?

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I took 7Sage lessons before attending the law school, and I am now in the process of applying to be admitted to the bar.

While filling out the application package, I just couldn't understand the logic behind the requirement to list every law-related employment.

  1. If an applicant omits a law-related employment and decides not to write it in his resume, then how will the ABA investigate this? What kind of resume does the ABA have on file to cross-check what they wrote in the application package? As far as I think, the only resume the ABA could possibly have is the resume an applicant originally used in his application to the law school (and this should be of course done to punish those with padded resume). But my guess is this will not help much in cross-checking the later law-related employments when many law firms do not even list an applicant's internship experiences.

  2. That an applicant has to write about overseas internships is harder to understand. For instance, how will the ABA check this? Will they, say, call a law firm in Spain or China to cross-check? This seems very unlikely.

I am just lost as to why these requirements are here.


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    🤷🏼‍♀️ All I know is it is a serious infraction to hide anything or not be completely forthcoming. I don’t get why the IRS has its rules, but I know you have to follow them. Same for the bar, IMO. From what I’ve heard, it is very rigorous and it’s possible they would check up on this, including contacting an overseas employer. If you’re thinking of not reporting something or not following the instructions, I can tell you that’s a very very very bad idea. But I don’t think it’s worth the energy trying to figure out why they want something.

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