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Time Between Sections on Actual Test

Tori SheberTori Sheber Member
in General 77 karma


I'm taking the June test and I have a specific question regarding the actual proctoring of the exam. I've noticed that I tend to get flustered in between the time they say "put your pencils down" and when they start the next section. It seems like literally three seconds go by in the time that all happens.

For people who have actually taken a proctored LSAT, do they really go between sections that quickly or is there more than 10 seconds to take a deep breath beforehand?



  • Pride Only HurtsPride Only Hurts Alum Member
    2186 karma

    Yes it’s quick and I wasn’t ready for that! I forgot to reset my watch twice on the real thing. Won’t make that mistake again on my second take.

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
    8392 karma

    It's pretty quick. Just long enough for them to see everyone put down their pencils and then re-start the clock. The 7sage LSAT proctor is pretty similar.

  • Tori SheberTori Sheber Member
    77 karma

    @"Pride Only Hurts" Thanks for letting me know! For the watch problem, if you have a watch with a spinning bezel, you can always reset even in the middle of the section. If you forgot to reset, just spin your arrow to 35 minutes past where the last section started and then you're right back on track. Hope that helps for next time!

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