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Too familiar with PTs

Valentina LiuValentina Liu Free Trial Member
in General 18 karma

I have been studying for LSAT for a while and have done all the PTs. For the most recent PTs, I have done them for 2-3 times. I registered for the July LSAT and I am very worried that I do not have any unfamiliar PTs to simulate the actual testing if I remember the questions and passages and even answers from the time I did the PTs. I wonder if anyone has similar experience with this and could give me some advice.


  • Lucas CarterLucas Carter Alum Member
    2798 karma

    Check out LSAT India. It is written by LSAC and extremely similar in nature, although a bit easier in difficulty (I think). The tests are great ways to see new material and manage pace. They may not be perfectly representative of a modern US LSAT, but they do have some utility. There are 5 legal and free PDF practice tests released.

  • Nunuboy1994Nunuboy1994 Free Trial Member
    346 karma

    If you’re desperate to find something at all you could also try some GMAT and GRE questions. The GMAT has a type of question called “critical reasoning” which is very, very similar to LR and it also has reading comprehension. The GRE is the same- it has reading comp passages and questions similar to LR.

  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Member
    5244 karma

    So you've done all the published PTs? That's a lot of work and you're to be commended on this. Are there some from awhile ago that maybe aren't as fresh in your mind?

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