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Tips on improving?

lsatstudy18lsatstudy18 Alum Member
in General 156 karma

What is the best way to improve on each section of the lsat?

What strategies have you guys used to help you improve?

Tell me straight up what I've got to do in order to improve. Step by step.


  • RealLaw612RealLaw612 Member
    edited June 2019 1094 karma

    This site has the best, most comprehensive study program for the self-starter and includes the answer to your question.
    1. Take a diagnostic to find your baseline.
    2. Use old prep tests for familiarization and practice : don’t take a timed prep test until you’re well-versed in the sections and strategies.
    3. Use newer prep tests for timed assessments using the methods taught here to gradually improve.
    4. Don’t expect to get better right away; it takes months of study before most people see a lot of progress.
    5. Keep at it.

  • Nunuboy1994Nunuboy1994 Free Trial Member
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    The fastest way to beef up your score is to improve on LR. Logical reasoning is one of the most learnable sections next to logic games and a great way to improve your score given that there are 2 LR.
    Powerscore’s LR reasoning bible is very good, IMO.

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