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Advice: Deadline for July 2019 Test Date Change

tpmeade24tpmeade24 Core Member
edited June 2019 in General 49 karma

I'm registered to take the July 15th, 2019 LSAT. With today being the deadline for any "Test Date Changes," I'm having some anxiety over whether I should push my testing date to September.

I'm working for a law firm full-time, and I really can't afford to quit (in a financial sense) so I've had to confine my studying to nights and weekends. I've been doing fairly well with that since beginning around mid-March, though I definitely find myself drained by the time I sit down to study Monday - Friday and, as a result, I'm know that I'm not getting the most out of my study time.

I'm also aiming for a 170+ on test day and, although I've hit 171 on a recent PT, I've been averaging a 163 since March. Based on this I really don't feel like I'm ready to perform my best just under a month from now.

The only thing that's kept me from changing my test date before now is the unique opportunity presented by the July 2019 test - to see my score before cancelling.

Does anybody have any advice about whether it might be worth it to take the July exam (and hope for the best) then plan to cancel if I'm not happy with my score and sign up for the October exam? (since I've heard the September test won't be an option by the time my score comes in for July).

Will the October iteration be too late for a solid shot at applying EA to many top schools? And since the July circumstances regarding the cancellation option are so unique, I'm wondering how schools would judge a July cancellation...?

Basically, would I be better off changing my test date to September - or hoping for the best with the July test date?

Thanks so much for any feedback!


  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    Typically, I would say postpone. HOWEVER, because of the opportunity to cancel and have another test free of charge, I would say go ahead and take in July. If you've never taken the test, one cancellation and one score really won't give anyone pause. If you had already taken several times, it might be a little more iffy, but I really think one cancellation and a take or two is no big deal. By EA do you just mean early in general or do you mean Early Decision?

    On a different note, if your average score hasn't changed at all since March, it might be time to take a hard look at your study strategy. If you think it's just fatigue and burnout, give yourself a weekend off and then see how you feel

  • tpmeade24tpmeade24 Core Member
    49 karma

    Thanks for your reply! The July exam will be my first try, so I'm inclined to agree with you and just give it a shot - then count on the cancellation option if it doesn't work out.

    Yes, I meant "ED," Early Decision, not EA - sorry I'm writing this in a hurry from work, so my brain is getting ahead of my fingers. I've heard that, since the October exam is at the end of the month, it might make applying for Early Decision tough.

    Regarding my average score: I've definitely improved since my diagnostic test (158) and finally broke the 170 barrier last week - so I was stuck near 160 for about two months and just recently saw a dramatic increase in my score/overall test taking ability. However, I might take your advice and take a couple of days off to relax and decompress.

    Thanks again!

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
    8392 karma

    I think what I would do (if you can afford it), is register now for the September test. Take the July and if you are unhappy with your score, cancel it and use the free registration as a back up (October or even November). Plan on taking it in September too, but you could always withdraw or change the test date if you think you won't be ready then either. Does that make sense? I think timeline would look like this:

    • Register now for July and September
    • Take July
    • Receive July score. If unhappy with it, cancel. Use free registration to sign up for October.
    • Take September
    • Receive September score. Happy? Yay! Unhappy? You have 1 more shot in October.

    Most ED deadlines are around November 15 - December 1. So the October test would be pushing it. That's why I think you should consider just signing up for September now so you have that option in your back pocket. It looks like you'll get the September score about 3 weeks after you take it. October score release date is TBD but I'm guessing it will be a similar timeline - roughly around Thanksgiving. That would be tight for applying ED. You could always get your app in for ED with your September score and they will begin evaluating it. You probably won't receive an answer until after your October score is released, which the schools also receive automatically (usually a few days after you see it, so it's sent pretty quickly). So they would probably be willing to consider an October score for ED if they haven't made a decision yet, but you would need the September test in order to have your app complete by the deadline. Hope that makes sense!

    Here are a few info pages on ED with their deadlines:

    Michigan - November 15 deadline, October is last LSAT accepted

    Berkeley - November 14 deadline, September is last LSAT accepted

    Northwestern - December 1 deadline, September is last LSAT accepted

    Duke - ED I November 1 deadline, ED II January 3 deadline

    NYU - November 15 deadline, November is last LSAT accepted

  • tpmeade24tpmeade24 Core Member
    49 karma

    Hey Leah,
    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes that definitely makes sense.

    I actually hadn't thought about having the September score as a sort of "placeholder" for my ED application, but you're absolutely right.

    Although I'd rather not shell out the additional $200, I think that's a solid game-plan. (And I really appreciate the school specific links!)

    Thanks again!

  • amazing, thanks for letting us know!

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