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Interantional June LSAT in Asia

HalloallesHalloalles Alum Member
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Hi all,
I've just taken June LSAT in Seoul and had two LG sections. One of the sections had a game to decide full or routine inspection. The other game in this section was to decide something about pieces belong to Tv or Print or either... I dont remember any games from the other section. Can anyone shed light on whcih LG was the dummy?

Thanks in advance!


  • Regis_Phalange63Regis_Phalange63 Alum Member
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    Please tell me the september october november gallery 12 3 shit is dummy. I am praying tv. print. and routine full professor is real

  • yangggggggyanggggggg Alum Member
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    Same. I am hoping the first LG is the experimental

  • Goku-sanGoku-san Alum Member
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  • BumblebeeBumblebee Member
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  • JuandaSheepJuandaSheep Alum Member
    edited August 2019 42 karma

    Hi guys,

    I only had one LG section. The routine/full inspection one was real.
    For RC, the one with the literary theory and science comp reading was real.

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