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PT 87 (June 2019) release date (7Sage version)?

Like_SpikeLike_Spike Alum Member
edited July 2019 in General 203 karma

Is there an estimated date when this will be available to purchase on 7Sage? I know explanations won't be available before the July test but I'm really hoping to take it as a Digital PT before the July test. Thanks!


  • dillonritchidillonritchi Alum Member
    43 karma

    Hey, I don't know when they will release the June LSAT but you should also keep in mind that their is a potential that the LSAC doesn't release the June LSAT at all. This is because I believe that LSAC won't always release previous administered tests for one important reason. This reason being that they have to hold onto recent LSATs in the case of an emergency. So, lets say that on the day of the test day a natural disaster happens where your test is like a hurricane or something like that. Well now they have to reschedule the test day, which is likely a week later. So now the people taking a test a week later will have an advantage because people who took the test earlier could relay important information to them that could give them an unfair advantage. What they will do to try and diminish this advantage is that they will have a backup test beforehand from a previously administered LSAT date for these students who are taking the delayed June test. For instance, if you look at the Preptests from 2018 they released the June 2018 and September 2018 test but not the July 2018 test. This is because they are probably holding onto this LSAT in case of emergencies that will inevitably happen across the hundreds of test centers across the world. So their is a chance that they just hold onto the June 2019 test in storage and never release it.

    What i would suggest you do is that instead of hoping that they will release the June 2019 test in time, is that you just use the most recent one available. A good thing about the LSAT is that they never really radically change from one test to the next. Probly a better option than waiting on LSAC to decide to release or not to release the June 2019 test.

    I wish you the best of luck!:)

  • July 5. Can preorder on amazon however you won’t have access to explanations only answer key and score converter . Not sure how long it will take for 7sage or other online places like lsat hacks to have test explanations .

  • Like_SpikeLike_Spike Alum Member
    203 karma

    Hey @dillonritchi thanks so much for such a thorough response and helpful suggestion! I really appreciate it :) I just wanted to follow-up and say that June 2019 was a disclosed exam, meaning all test takers already got back the full test and it's now available for public purchase, so it'll definitely be available on 7Sage pretty soon! The only question is how soon :)

    Thanks for the pointer @Lawschoolhopeful-4. My hope is to get it digitally since I wanted to take both one of the newer PTs as well as take a PT digitally for the sake of adjustment to the tablet. Hopefully it's released within the next week or so!

  • LouislepauvreLouislepauvre Alum Member
    750 karma

    I already ordered mine. I think it should get here by Monday.

  • Like_SpikeLike_Spike Alum Member
    203 karma

    @studentservice Would you happen to know?

  • can you buy this as an extension from 7sage soon even if you dont have the explanations.

  • Like_SpikeLike_Spike Alum Member
    203 karma

    Yes, the explanations just get uploaded after a few weeks following purchase. That's what happened with PTs 85 & 86.

  • edited July 2019 148 karma

    but where can you buy this from 7sage on extensions?

  • Zeke21HeEatinZeke21HeEatin Alum Member
    38 karma

    Will 7Sage automatically include PT 87 with your membership or is it something we'll have to buy to access?

  • Like_SpikeLike_Spike Alum Member
    203 karma

    @Lawschoolhopeful-4 That's what I'm hoping to figure out with this post haha.

    @"Alan Cheuk" would you happen to know?

  • 96seanmathews96seanmathews Member
    6 karma

    Does anyone know, if we preordered on Amazon when we will get the test. I keep hearing people pre ordered the June test--as did I, but amazon says it will not be available until Aug. 8

  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    13767 karma

    PT 87's included with Ultimate+ and for Starter, Premium, or Ultimate, you can get 87 as add-on here:

  • Like_SpikeLike_Spike Alum Member
    203 karma

    Thanks J.Y.!

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