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Feeling demotivated?

GoingtolawschoolGoingtolawschool Alum Member
in General 184 karma

I started my prep with 7sage ultimate + around May 15th. I was initially planning on taking my first attempt in September but now after finishing CC and 2 weeks of drilling I've taken 2 PTs scoring 157 in one (171 BR) and 156 in the other (164 BR). My goal is to get a 170. I don't know if its normal to start the first few PTs with such a low score and then jump up. Looking for any advice as to how many PTs I should be taking each week (was thinking of doing 2) and any other advice would be appreciated!


  • chicago234chicago234 Alum Member
    163 karma

    1-2 PTs a week is usually fine. more prep tests doesn't always equal more learning. It's more important to go through the Prep Test thoroughly, especially learning from whatever questions you're still getting wrong after BR. Getting to 170 that quickly will be tough but it's possible. Also 156-7 on your first PTs isn't 'such a low score', it's a good starting point.

  • GoingtolawschoolGoingtolawschool Alum Member
    184 karma

    This is really helpful, thanks!!

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