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Anyone willing to provide feedback on a PS rough draft?

AnthonyD-1AnthonyD-1 Alum Member

Would anyone be willing to provide feedback on the first draft of my personal statement? I am open to making major changes to the direction and style. I plan to use 7Sage’s “Edit Once” service later on, but I would like to make as many improvements as possible first.



  • AmandaC07AmandaC07 Legacy Member
    16 karma

    Hi Anthony,

    I can definitely help you out! I have done some editing and proofing for colleagues/friends. Plus, I thoroughly enjoy reading so I'm always willing to offer up some assistance.

    • Amanda C.
  • Kermit750Kermit750 Alum Member
    2124 karma

    Happy to

  • oceane11oceane11 Alum Member
    5 karma

    Same here :)

  • Madssssss L.Madssssss L. Alum Member
    124 karma

    Happy to!

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